Sunday, December 27, 2009

Me too!!

everyone had their christmas post.. so i must have one as well although its a bit too late.. hehe..
aiya.. as u noe, im always the outdated wan.. =p bear wit me, guys.. =)


* these photo actually taken long long ago.. haha..

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Have u ever seen it?

surprisingly, it sold at IMU bookstore.. =D

Monday, December 7, 2009

Surprised =D

On saturday night, promised the gals that i will have yam cha session with them but i will be late.. after a while, i received a call from them and telling me that they are going to port klang to have dinner.. so i rejected them..
then, when i reach home, i heard the dogs barking.. there are someone coming and my sis was opening the door for them.. i get angry bcos i keep asking my sis who coming but she is on phone and give me no response..

this is the conversation between me and sis..

''me: who coming?
sis: i duno..
me: u duno den dun simply open the door la..
sis: Jo, u come n see..
me: who?
sis: i duno..
me: u duno den why u open the door.. blablabla... ( i was screw my sis off for opening the door and i really scare) '' *sorry sis * ^^

when i look out, they were singing birthday song to me.. i was really really surprised.. hehe..

i had make a total of 6 wishes.. haha.. =)

i get a very meaningful present from them.. =)
a friendship's wallet card.. thanks dudes.. =)

really thanks for the celebration.. i love u guys so much.. =D thanks..
friendship forever..