Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the joy of baking

People, this is my very first time of baking cookies!!
Dun get cheated by the appearance of the cookies, it is delicious.. hehe..
frankly speaking, for me, the cookies taste a bit sweety.. but good comments i get from my buddies!!! *happy*
Yesss.. i feel contented with my baking.. i will learn more and bake more in the future!! =)

Qian, thanks for your guidance..

Thursday, November 25, 2010


i watch Rapunzel today!!!! as you know, i am the gal who dun really like cartoon.. but exception for today.. specially for the 2 bestie.. hehe..
honestly, this movie pretty nice.. it is not as bad as i tot.. in fact, it cheers my day up!!!
i love Rapunzel's long blond-haired.. its soooo beautiful.. *envy >.<

my day isn't stop here.. we dine in Carl's Jr. for our lunch.. Carl's Jr. fries is The Best!!! yummy yummy.. love it so much.. =)