Saturday, October 25, 2008


hor.. cant stop thinking of G12.. tat scene v all hug 2gather.. Pn. Mahani giving us advice.. haiz.. haiz.. haiz.. (i'm blaming sharon n won.. cos i saw u all de blog jx now.. now i sad d la.. =.= .. jk la.. hehe)

my final.. 1 more week left.. =( my brain have so many stuff 2 think.. after finish sam where should i go??? there r not much choices 4 me 2 choose.. n seriously.. i still haven found the uni tat i satisfy wit.. haiz..

My brain going 2 burst aaaa.. someone bring me out wei!!! =( (act i oso cant go out.. going 2 exam d.. =( )

Friday, October 24, 2008

The last day for G12..

Time pass so fast.. so fast i finish my SAM d.. 2day is the last day v go 4 class.. the last time 2 spend time with lecturers... the last time playing around wit all G12 friends.. i will miss u all very much.. seriously i will.. i will remember the time v spend 2gether.. well, i would like 2 say thanks n sry 2 all my lecturers..

thank you, Pn. Mahani..
teacher.. thanks 4 teaching me.. i do appreciate the way u teach.. i have learnt a lot from you.. serious.. n i won 4get wat u had told us.. i will study hard.. =) i love u teacher..

thank you, Ms Phua..
miss phua, i will be very very miss the time v sampat.. hehe.. although ur teaching skills not so good(i'm sry teacher) but i do appreciate the time v chatting and laughing.. =) seriously u treat me very good.. duno y.. i can be very close wit u.. hehe.. anyway.. love u, teacher.. =)

thank you, Dr. Santha..
Dr. Santha, i very afraid of u.. u r very fierce.. =( but i noe tat u r very good as well.. jux the ways u teaching us are different.. i know tat teacher r act very care 4 us.. hehe.. thank you teacher..

thank you, Miss Param..
Miss Param.. u r jux like our grandmother.. keep nagging.. hehe.. but ur nagging is 4 our good rite? u wanna bring us 2 the top students.. thanks a lot teacher.. who ever result not so good u will pay more attention on them (e.g Jocin).. u teach me how 2 score how 2 revise.. i will never forget.. hehe.. so.. not 2 make teacher disappointed i will try my best.. =)

thank you, David wang..
I'm sry, sir.. 4 not paying attention in ur class.. i'm really sry about tat.. =( u treat us very very good.. but v seems like v always bully teaher.. =( act no.. i noe tat u r a good teacher.. hehe.. i won 4get tat song u sang 2 us.. hehe..

thank you, Mrs Yeap..
although u jux teaching us for 6 months.. but v r always miss u.. v like the way u teach.. =) thank you teacher..

thousand n thousand n thousand of thank you i would like 2 say it 2 all my dear teacher..

Thursday, October 23, 2008

l'm sick.. =(

i m mentally and physically sick.. haiz.. final is jux around the corner.. i have 2 force myself 2 study as much as i can.. haiz.. but it seems didnt works.. =(
headache aaaa... i cant sick!! 2mr is my last day 4 SAM d.. i have not much time to spend with all my dear frien d.. =(

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

stay away from me pls..

argh.. i meet some stupid guys.. i HATE them.. yest i went 2 a new shop 4 my lunch (take a break).. so unlucky i meet 2 friends who spoil my mood so much.. as usual i will say hi 2 my friends (cos i m a polite person, =.=).. 1 of the guy is li bin n another is duno who la (same size n thin thin 1 from kwang hua 1).. i dun even know his name.. v jux like never talk b4.. n jux say hi n bye frien.. ok let's start the story.. after having lunch, me n my frien went 2 the counter 2 pay for the food.. den the li bin come across me n said 'come here 4 a while'.. i really dun feel like going.. act wanna drag my frien go wit me but she was talking wit her frien.. =( ok fine.. i jux walk in with him (if i didn't go, sure will let ppl think tat im action rite?).. n guess wat.. he said tat another guy find me.. i was like.... if he wanna find me den come across me la.. y should i go there? stupid.. nvm.. guess wat he asking.. 'how r u recently?' sure a stupid question.. n wen he is talking wit me his eye is not looking at me.. shit u.. tot who r u.. they r act playing the card.. den he said.. 'come n help me open my card c whether u r lucky anot'.. n all his frien are laughing at me.. i damn angry tat time.. stupid idiot.. wat the point u call me there? wanna show tat u have frien? .. damn it.. fine.. i jux walked off.. next time better dun let me 2 c u again.. i will kill u!!!!! i will make u embarrass in front of public!!! stupid idiot.. stupid cheap guy.. i very very hate u k.. 

2day, he called me.. i duno is him.. den i jux pick up the phone.. n guess wat he said.. ' i'm li bin frien.. r u free now? can v have a lunch?' wth.. lunch? c u i will feel like vomiting d k? omg.. still dare 2 ask me 4 lunch.. slowly wait la.. i will never eat wit u.. stupid stupid stupid!!!!!!! yiakss.. y i will meet tis kind of ppl 1.. degrade my image!!! 

Pls stay away from me!! otherwise i will kill u!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Eva tagged me..

  1. Who tagged you? Eva..
  2. What's the relationship between you and him/her? 8 years friends.. =)
  3. What do you think about him/her? she ar... she is so blur in everything.. hehe.. tat's y she always being bully by ppl.. hehe.. not really bully la.. jux like 2 play wit her.. @.@
  4. What kinda soul mate she/he needs (mentally and physically)? hor.. tis need 2 ask her la.. hehe..
  5. What kinda person you think he/she will ended up with (mentally and physically)? erm.. a person she love.. =)
  6. What kinda person she likes? of course her bf la.. hehe..
  7. Tag Six Victims

li ying



jie kai



(no forcing ha..)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

M i look like a kid?

2day i follow my dad 2 buy some foods 4 our dinner.. then v pay the money at the counter.. tat ladies at the counter keep staring at me.. i feel so weird.. den i give her a smile.. n guess wat.. she asked me tat whether i m 12 years old.. i was so shocked.. i staring at her n duno should give wat respond.. my dad said tat i m so 'xia sui'.. hehe.. after i walked out from the shop i keeps laughing.. i was thinking which part of my body looks like a 12 years old kid.. ^^ hey.. 12 years old? means i m in standard 6.. omg.. did i look like a standard 6 student? perhaps her eye got prb d.. hehe..

ATTENTION pls.. JOCIN is 17 years old d k? not a kid anymore la!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

cant live without letter 'l'

my com is send 4 repair.. so i have 2 use my sis com.. but duno wat happen wit her laptop.. cant taip 'l'.. omg.. i hv 2 copy n paste for every letter 'l'.. pening wei.. hehe.. so i think i wil be missing tis few day.. =( now only i noe the importance of aphabet.. hehe..

Monday, October 6, 2008

Bad result..

haiz.. my trial result damn bad.. i gonna kill myself d la.. i duno wat can i do d.. haiz.. really disappointed 2 myself.. the most important sub.. english.. i FAIL it.. shit.. if eng fail means every subjects fail u noe!! haiz.. i really very down.. so hope i can faster 投胎.. dun 1 2 be human anymore..

Sunday, October 5, 2008

pls.. i hope sadness won find me d..

No matter wat happen.. v still have 2 go on rite?
so, i can go through my life 4 my own..
i noe wat i need now..
i should have a target in my life..
a target tat i will try my very best 2 reach..

i should be happy everyday..
i dun 1 2 think something tat won come true..
i must be tough enough..
i want 2 be the HAPPY JOCIN..

STUDY HARD for final.........