Sunday, December 27, 2009

Me too!!

everyone had their christmas post.. so i must have one as well although its a bit too late.. hehe..
aiya.. as u noe, im always the outdated wan.. =p bear wit me, guys.. =)


* these photo actually taken long long ago.. haha..

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Have u ever seen it?

surprisingly, it sold at IMU bookstore.. =D

Monday, December 7, 2009

Surprised =D

On saturday night, promised the gals that i will have yam cha session with them but i will be late.. after a while, i received a call from them and telling me that they are going to port klang to have dinner.. so i rejected them..
then, when i reach home, i heard the dogs barking.. there are someone coming and my sis was opening the door for them.. i get angry bcos i keep asking my sis who coming but she is on phone and give me no response..

this is the conversation between me and sis..

''me: who coming?
sis: i duno..
me: u duno den dun simply open the door la..
sis: Jo, u come n see..
me: who?
sis: i duno..
me: u duno den why u open the door.. blablabla... ( i was screw my sis off for opening the door and i really scare) '' *sorry sis * ^^

when i look out, they were singing birthday song to me.. i was really really surprised.. hehe..

i had make a total of 6 wishes.. haha.. =)

i get a very meaningful present from them.. =)
a friendship's wallet card.. thanks dudes.. =)

really thanks for the celebration.. i love u guys so much.. =D thanks..
friendship forever..

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

tadaaa.. here's my present.. =)

i get a necklace from tracy, pay ying and hui wen.. thanks gals.. =)

and my dear Qian hand baked cupcakes for me.. she baked it until the midnite (fyi, she was a busy gal.. haha..) really thanks dear.. i love u.. =)

then, randomly i got present from wun chit.. the easy going guy.. hehe.. he cheated me by telling me that he wanted to buy a present for a coursemate whose birthday is just few day later.. and noe wat.. tis is the present that i choose myself.. =.= i got surprised when he said its for me.. haha.. thanks ya.. =) its a special present that i get.. =)

i got the presents from my cousins, relative and parents as well.. will be updated in the next post.. =) sorry for the keep waiting.. bcos im not used to upload so many photo, it makes my blog unorganise..

Sunday, November 22, 2009

i am the lucky gal.. =)

i guess u guys know wat i am going to blog rite.. hehe..
yea.. its my birthday celebration..
first of all, i would like to say thanks to everyone who had wish me.. =)
it is a memorable birthday for me.. hehe.. thanks for the celebration, thanks for the wishes and also thanks for the gift.. hehe.. i really appreciate it.. =)
actually i had started to celebrate my birthday since wednesday (18/11).. tat's mean i celebrated my birthday for 4 days.. thanks to all my dear budies.. for giving me an awesome birthday.. hehe..
on wednesday, we dined in The Garden's Italiannies to have our lunch as my birthday celebration.. =)

tadaa.. this is our group photo.. haha..
after lunch, we plan to go for a movie but at last we cancelled it due to the long queue.. as the plan had cancelled, we decided to go for window shopping.. yea.. gals' hobby.. =)
THANKS gals.. im very happy.. =)
will be continue ya.. stay tune.. =)

Monday, November 2, 2009

wish that it will be perfect..

When there have no Perfect,
Choose the BEST.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

pray hard for u, grandpa..

Grandpa, u must be alright k? we will wait for you to come back.. i wish those machinary stuff that use to support you will get off from you.. we are all here to support u!!!! really wish to see u getting better and better.. pray hard for u..

for me, u are the best grandpa.. u are very good enough.. the way u treated me will never be forgotten.. i love u so much grandpa.. u really must be tough.. i hope to see u recover..

God, do you hear me?? pls.. dun let my grandpa to suffer.. he deserved better..

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009

the outing.. =)

went midvalley with the budies..
shop shop shop, try try try and buy buy buy..
hehe.. this time we tried the new drink..


san francisco coffee? anyone? hehe..

oh well, the smell of coffee bean had made us craving for it..
some more with the buy 1 free 1 promotion for mocha and latte had attracted us..
therefore, we end up choosing San Francisco coffee as our lunch.. =)
we are all satisfy with the coffee.. thumb up.. hehe..
nice to try.. =)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

i feel like blogging but duno wat to share.. =.=

just MISS u guys so much.. =)

LOVE ya~

i feel good~ =)

now is my turn to enjoy my holiday.. hohoho..
plan was going on and on.. =)

oh well, right after the last paper, we dined in papa rich to have a yam cha session..
suddenly i heard 'piang' while we chit chating..
what's happened??
when i look down, this is wat had happened.........

smart rite? it break itself.. i swear i dint do anything on it.. =.=
the staff was changing a new bowl of cendol for me..
is this called lucky or unlucky???
hehe.. dun laugh ha.. i noe this incident will never happens on u guys.. =.=


passing your smile on~ =)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

a distance that is so far away

ya.. we are a group of big family.. although we are sharing the same surname.. but no matter how.. we still have a distance.. the ways u guys talk are totally out of my interest.. perhaps I'm too sensitive? ur jokes are just full of satire.. i still couldn't accept it.. maybe one day i will used to it.. but not now.. i rather siting there and dun talk, listen to others.. yet u guys complaining that i seems to be action.. i just dun have the common topic wit u guys and the way we communicate are different.. i hate myself of being unfriendly, being the quiet one.. but wat to do? i cant find any that i can really talk with.. somehow i feel that talking wit u guys will only hurting myself.. damn sarcastic man..
oh well, dun go beyond my limit..

i tot the gathering will bring closer our relationship but it doesn't.. the gap is there..
and i dun wan to force myself from doing things that i dislike..

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

a big day of the person i love the most..

today is a big big day..
it is a very special day for a very special person.. =)
09-09-09 is my daddy birthday..
he is my lovely and dearest daddy.. =)

just a simple celebration with family..
we dined in windmill to have our dinner..

oh ya.. the black black wan is actually black pepper ostrich steak.. hehe..

Daddy, Happy Birthday.....

i LOVE you.. i always do.. =)

although it is just a simple dinner that we usually had but the most important thing is the moment we getting together.. we are happy family.. =) a forever warmth house..
* sorry for the blur photo ya.. hehe..

Monday, September 7, 2009

scream out loud


bloody hell.. stupid statistic paper...
yeeeeeeeee..... feel like bob the stupid stupid paper.....
wat kind of test is this????

im not good in memorising formulae..
i was confusing whether should i square it anot.. =.=
plus i have no enough time to finish it..
the ques need lot of working yet it just carry 2 marks.. wth..

Phewww... i feel better d.. hehe..

" dont cry for the past, cheer for the future"
thanks for the words.. haha..

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Green matches Blue

when GREEN meets BLUE......
when the rainbow reappear,
there is no more black and white in my life.. =)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Home sweet home

Home is where my heart is..
the warmest place..
the most comfortable place..
and the place that im familiar with..

i seem like duno wat's going on out there..
things had change..
human's behaviour had change..
lifestyle had change..
i saw the changes which make me duno how to act..
wat respond should i give?
the answer is just Let It Be..

can i have another piece of world that i could stick wit?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Words that had been spoken will never be takan back

i'm sorry..
i knew that its harsh for you to take it..
i knew those words are hurting and seems to be so cruel..


i cant make any correction on it..
time will never be return..
i dun meant to hurt u, but indirectly, i hurt u.. =(

i really feel bad.. =(
at the same time i duno wat should i do to redeem..
hope that u will get back urself and move on with ur life..
im not the right person for you..
all tis while im just treating u as my friend..
our relationship will never across the border of frien..


im the evil.. how? =( i din noe i can be so cruel.. Sorry..

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Go and Gone

bug off!!!

there has been something that bugging me so much..
i need to concentrate on my assignment laaa..
really dun wan to think of anything right now..
forget forget and forget..

okay, feel better d.. now, move on with my assignment.. hehe..

Monday, August 24, 2009

it end up with black and white

its a view in the morning when the sun is just about to arise.. nice rite?
i wonder would it be a wonderful day..
anyway, it should be a good starting of the day..
as im just recover from sick..
But. until the end of the day..
i realised that it isn't a good day as i thought..
there are things that piss me off so much..
and now.. im frustrated..
stay away from me..

Friday, August 14, 2009

Dedicate to all my dear friends

My dear friends,
i duno where to start of our stories
the day that we get to know each other
and then linked to be frien
as time pass
we are getting closer and closer..

And now,
i have thousands of thank you that would like to dedicate for u all..
i feel touch when reading the msg that are trying to make me happy..
and even a drop by msg to make sure that im in a good condition..

and yes.. u all had successfully make me smile with the msg on.. ppl around me often tot that im crazy when smiling with my phone.. hehe.. but who cares.. as long as im happy.. =)

i will never delete the forward msg from u all because it does meant a lot for me.. =)

when my exam is just around the corner, they will never forget to wish me good luck.. haha.. although sometimes they might wish me in the wrong day.. hehe..

ya, i totally agree that friends are always there eventhough we are not interact everyday.. =) like those crazy friend.. they are crazy all the time we met up.. hehe..

thankssss for those concern.. i appreciate it.. =)
i love u guys so much.. and u all are always in my heart.. =)
one thing for sure is that the bond between us will never ever be broken up.. =)

* currently, im busying with my assignment.. and my class test is coming soon.. so i really dun have much free time to blog.. sorry to my loyal readers.. =)

Sunday, August 9, 2009


the very first time we went to library and borrow a whole stack of books..
the very first time we spend our long long break in the library..
the very first time we take it seriously..
i wonder since when the study mood came? haha..
seriously this situation rarely happen between us.. or wat i should say is NEVER happened.. haha..

proven? haha..

the outcome not bad huh? hehe..

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Here you go..

The very first place we dined in..

the so called famous pandan chicken..
the chicken is wrapped with pandan leaf and den fried it.. Yummy~
guess wat dishes is this? it is actually fried tau fu.. =) taste good..

the second place we dined in.. just for dessert.. =) to fulfill their wish.. =)

the 3rd place we dined in..
okay.. tell u the truth.. im full like hell and my stomach was going to burst.. haha.. but still, dined in for lut lut.. hahaha.. incredible rite? anyway.. we enjoy it.. =)

hohoho... Fun Fair man.. =)

we play sotong together.. haha..

the very last place we went..

we went coffee house to lim teh.. =)

okay.. the end of the day.. =)