Friday, August 14, 2009

Dedicate to all my dear friends

My dear friends,
i duno where to start of our stories
the day that we get to know each other
and then linked to be frien
as time pass
we are getting closer and closer..

And now,
i have thousands of thank you that would like to dedicate for u all..
i feel touch when reading the msg that are trying to make me happy..
and even a drop by msg to make sure that im in a good condition..

and yes.. u all had successfully make me smile with the msg on.. ppl around me often tot that im crazy when smiling with my phone.. hehe.. but who cares.. as long as im happy.. =)

i will never delete the forward msg from u all because it does meant a lot for me.. =)

when my exam is just around the corner, they will never forget to wish me good luck.. haha.. although sometimes they might wish me in the wrong day.. hehe..

ya, i totally agree that friends are always there eventhough we are not interact everyday.. =) like those crazy friend.. they are crazy all the time we met up.. hehe..

thankssss for those concern.. i appreciate it.. =)
i love u guys so much.. and u all are always in my heart.. =)
one thing for sure is that the bond between us will never ever be broken up.. =)

* currently, im busying with my assignment.. and my class test is coming soon.. so i really dun have much free time to blog.. sorry to my loyal readers.. =)

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hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....