Monday, December 29, 2008

love is...

Love is like a butterfly. The more you chase it, the more it eludes you. But if you just let it fly, it will come to you when you least expect it. Love can make you happy but often it hurts, but love's only special when you give it to someone who is really worth it. So take your time and choose the best.

The true measure of compatibility is not the years spent together but how good you are for each other.

Love hurts when you break up with someone. It hurts even more when someone breaks up with you. But love hurts the most when the person you love has no idea how you feel.

It breaks your heart to see the one you love happy with someone else but it's more painful to know that the one you love is unhappy with you.

A sad thing about life is when you meet someone and fall in love, only to find out in the end that it was never meant to be and that you have wasted years on someone who wasn't worth it. If he isn't worth it now he's not going to be worth it a year or 10 years from now. Let go.....

" Think Wrongly If You Please,But Think For Yourself"

Respect for self, Respect for others,
Responsibility for all your actions.

When you are content to be yourself,
Not to compare or compete,
Everybody will respect you.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dilarang makan...

On diet On diet On diet........ i dun want to eat so much.. i wanna lose weight.. sorry.. is must!!! 2day while i m standing aside.. my uncle asked me to go over there and he wanna tell me a good news.. guess wat is the good news.. he said that i fat d.. =( really is GOOD news.. thanks for being honest.. now i have the motivation to eat less n less n less d.. what to do.. ai sui wat.. hehe..

warning warning!!
1. dun put food, snack in front of me..
2. dun ask me out for roti canai..
3. only fruits are allowed..

thanks for cooperation.. i appreciate it.. =) =)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

My christmas..

i went 2 nzx (niuzexiu) during Christmas.. the decoration really not bad.. too bad v went in the afternoon.. if v go at night, i think there will be very nice.. hehe.. but there seems like nothing 2 shop le.. the only thing tat attract me is the smell of coffee.. omg.. there got few coffee shops seem not bad de.. going 2 try if there is a chance.. hehe.. actually there are quite special la.. got many cute cute n weird weird stuff.. mai hiam be pai la.. =) i took some pic there.. i will upload next time since i'm so lazy now.. hehe..
guess wat.. i did many stupid things on tat day.. =.= i went 2 hawker centre 2 eat.. den my uncle ask me 2 order drink.. but i order from the person who jux pass by.. she stare at me and den walk away.. so xia sui rite? my god.. really have no face d la.. i'm sorry.. i tot she is the person who sell drinks.. =.= okay.. fine.. after that v went for shopping.. again.. i wanna ask the sale gal bout the price.. but i ask their customer.. =.= she duno how 2 answer me.. gosh.. what happen with me.. something wrong wit my eye d la.. so so so pai se laaa.... wo mou min le la.. =( n that sis and cousin keep laughing at me.. =.=

** sry guys.. i will upload my photo in my friendster.. view from there ya..

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


yea yea.. jocin is back.. =) everything is alrite.. i still mine.. thanks for everything tat i had gone through.. i really get it all over.. *peace* i had learn smtg from where i fall.. thanks for giving me tis lesson.. i do appreciate it.. n will be a good memories in my mind.. always.. =)
phewwww.. wat a relief.. finally.. =)
my life will be fantastic right now.. wooowooo..
so everyone.. let's cheer up.. enjoy life.. =)

sry guys.. i will blog wen i free k? nowaday busy wit my cousin's wedding.. 2 cousin's wedding.. gosh.. =.= but i oso hope they will get a perfect wedding.. since its once a lifetime event.. =)

Monday, December 15, 2008

No result.. pls..

haiyo guys.. dun remind me d la.. i dun 1 2 noe my result.. not dare 2 imagine how bad my result will be.. if can forever stay at tis moment so good rite? aizs.. but wat 2 do? life still hv 2 carry on.. tis few day i cant sleep well.. thinking bout my studies.. my result.. how will be my future? all tis stuff keeps propping out from my mind.. my god..
act not i dun dare 2 take my result.. jx the only uni i wish 2 go is monash.. i really nt interested in others uni.. n the only course i wan 2 take is pharmacy.. im nt interested wit other courses.. so.. as a conclusion.. i must go monash study pharmacy!! i must!! but guess wat.. the entry requirement is bloody high.. TER90 wei.. how can i enter wor? tell me wat should i do if monash dun 1 me? =( seriously.. i noe my standard.. i think i cant meet the monash's requirement.. the only thing i can do is pray hard.. i wish i m good luck enough 2 ngam nagm pass the requirement.. =.= .. my god, pls.. a chance for me 2 get wat i want.. pls pls.. i will be a very good student wan.. i swear.. lll (tis is my three finger).. sincerely hope i can enter monash..
okay la.. hope the god will help me la.. dun 1 remind myself bout the result d.. tata guys..

Friday, December 5, 2008

My genting trip..

yea.. i went genting wit my dear sis n cousins.. all gals.. hehe.. although a bit dangerous, but v all safety reach home.. =) v all big gal d..

okay.. let's talk bout the trip..

i enjoy the trip..

i having fun there..
i love the weather.. cold cold.. shiok man.. =)

i enjoy in the theme park..

i do try those exciting game.. especially the pirate.. hehe..

i play till gou gou in outdoor.. until the last round of the game.. =)
i will never regret 2 go 4 the trip.. hehe.. at least.. i enjoyed my holiday there.. =)

there r still many places waiting 4 me 2 go.. so hope tat i have the chance 2 go there very soon.. *dreaming* @.@
let's c some of the photo v took.. the 1st day in genting......

yea.. just 5 of us plus a camera gal.. haha..

kakak saya, adik saya dan saya.. =)

*cold man*

yea.. starbuck until 2 onli go oi oi.. =)

The 2nd day in genting......

the 1st game v took.. hehe..

queue up for watching 4D - enchanted

v play for the second time.. *Peace* =)


The 3rd day in genting.......

gonna leave genting d.. =(

my lovely parent.. =)

Okay.. tat's all.. i have 2 sleep d.. good nite guys.. have a sweet dream..

Monday, December 1, 2008

Smiling moon =)

haiyo.. i miss the once a life time chance 2 c the smiling moon d la.. i cant found any moon la.. kek shi wo le la.. =.= .. always so unlucky 1.. aizs.. i purposely drag my cousin out 4 yam cha.. cos i wanna c the moon.. i wait n wait n wait.. but the moon didn't appear.. i think the cloud blocked the moon d.. sad la.. everyone told me tat they saw it.. but how come i couldn't see it laa... nvm.. at least i noe how it looks like.. hehe.. there are 2 star which represent the eye.. n the moon represent the smile.. so it become a smiling face.. =)
Guess wat.. for not 2 make me sad n disappointed.. my frien drew exactly how the smiling face looks like for me.. hehe.. n he took the photo of the moon 4 me too.. thanks ya my frien.. =) i do appreciate it..

Thursday, November 27, 2008


i reli hate those ppl who being sarcastic.. i really cant stand wit it la.. tat's the prb i cant communicate wit u all.. since u r my relative so i trying hard 2 be close n talk wit u all but...... ur words are hurting n offensive.. if got anything not satisfied wit, just speak out la wei.. wat 4 being sarcastic.. aizs.. watever la.. for sure.. i will respect u all.. so.. i noe wat should i do.. i will just keep quiet.. but doesn't means tat i'm action.. i jux dun like the way u all talk.. really offensive.. it will end up wit more n more hating onli.. although few months never meet u all d.. but the way u all treat me like shit.. its still the same.. never change.. i cant feel the happiness when spending time wit u all.. jux will end up getting angry onli.. i duno y.. maybe our channel is different.. =.= i'm so sry..

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Believe it..

' 勉强的爱情是不会有幸福的.. '

' 双方面付出的爱情才会是完美的.. '

anyway.. happiness is most important.. =) so.. stay happy guys.. no matter wat happen.. there sure have the way 2 solve it.. i think so.. hehe.. but life still have 2 go on rite? wat to do? its called life.. when u r tired of everything.. just take a rest.. dun 4get 2 take a smile oso.. it will brighten ur day.. =)

Monday, November 24, 2008


holiday very boring a.. duno wat 2 do..
watching tv 4 whole the day? i not really like 2 face on tv 4 whole the day..
go out wit cousin? duno where 2 go.. =.=
go shopping? dun have sale.. =(
sleep? eat? cant keeps eat n sleep.. later become pig.. hehe.. i dun 1 be fatty..
exercise? lazy jogging.. i want 2 go swimming o gym...... but cant.. =(
dating? dun have bf..
should i find a part time work? i dun think ppl will hire me.. hehe..
haiyoyo.. wat else i can do laa... i want 2 go genting.. i want 2 go beach.. there r many places i want 2 go.. but no one can bring me there.. =.= really duno wat can i do..
o ya.. i noe wat i did everyday.. chatting wit my sis n cousin.. n v talk bullshit.. hehe.. v jux like dreaming everyday.. but our dream will never come true.. haha.. TAKE ACTION gals...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Perhaps love..

~ editted by Jocin =)

$$$ - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more editted by Jocin =)

Friday, November 21, 2008

my birthday..

thanks 4 everyone who wish me.. =) but.. seriously i dint enjoy my bday.. i having breakfast wit family.. then... noon my cousin n i bake cheese cake 2gather.. i'm so unlucky.. parent go 4 dinner.. so cant cele wit me.. nvm la.. they say postpone.. =) erm.. reli wanna thanks 2 my cousin.. love u guys.. haha.. they accompany me 4 whole the day.. summore wanna bring me 4 a movie.. but i reli had no mood.. so sry.. den v went 2 mcd eat.. hehe.. i love fries.. yummy yummy.. satisfy.. =) oh ya.. v sure have the chance 2 go there.. dun worry.. as my daddy say go wet go wet.. but must reach home b4 1am rite.. haha.. n reli sry 2 someone.. i'm so frustrated yest.. cos of smtg smtg.. =.= but he is trying 2 make me happy.. hehe.. tis is the best bday present u gave me.. thanks.. =)

special le.. tis is my bday cake editted by my dear frien, lee yan.. haha.. thanks gal.. =)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The very 1st time in my life..

i went 4 clubbing yest.. yea.. u r rite.. dun suspect.. is clubbing.. haha.. plus.. it is free.. a great chance 4 me 2 go.. i have no reason 2 reject it rite.. haha.. come on.. i going 2 reach 18 d wei.. i m big gal d.. =) u noe wat.. i went 4 clubbing cos my mood not good.. n it reli cheer me up.. so it is a good place 2 go.. haha.. wen i step into the club.. the music make me feel like dancing.. i have no idea how 2 dance.. but jux dance.. who care?! the most important thing is i enjoy it.. haha.. but.... good thing will never stay long.. my dear friends are going 2 leave me.. v dance 4 a while onli.. =( nvm la.. next time surely gt chance 1.. act no need 2 dance oso can feel the excited-ness d.. cos is my 1st time 2 go clubbing.. haha.. dun worry guys (especially 2 my dear).. i noe how 2 control myself.. trust me.. i jux drink a bit bit n jux dance a bit bit onli.. hehe.. yea.. i will addicted wit it but i noe there is a limit 4 me.. hehe.. so no worries dear.. =) o ya.. n i noe many friends there.. my frien keeps introduce leng chai 4 me.. hehe.. not bad la.. still can noe leng chai.. haha.. but.. i should say sry 2 a person.. cos i promise him wanna dance wit him d but i dint.. im sry.. =( not i heartless.. i reli wanna dance wit u all but my leg damn pain.. tat high heel fault.. nvm.. owe u all 1st.. i will pay back if there is a chance 2 do so.. haha..

yea.. finish my clubbing story d.. wanna 2 noe how was the prom nite? well i jux can say.. it is lame.. =.= but.. it worth.. cos can meet my classmate n my lecturer.. =) n i love them.. mayb tis is the last time i can hug them n give them the best wishes..

o ya.. i have 2 make smtg rite.. ppl who go clubbing is not bad k? but if someone wanna say me bad.. i cant do anything oso.. the most important thing is i enjoy my life.. i dun think i should explain 2 u.. ur thinking is out of my control.. everyone have their own life style.. so pls.. never ever interrupt my life.. i'm sry.. perhaps i had make u disappointed.. i'm not as perfect as u think.. but its me.. n i reli duno wat's the reason u being so angry o mayb sad.. so sry if i m hurting u.. i reli dun 1 bother about it.. n i reli hate a sentence tat u gave me.. ' wat u did in club.. its not only hurt my eye!..' wth.. clubbing is not a bad thing k.. jx 2 experience.. aizs.. watever la.. lazy 2 argue wit u.. dun 1 spoil my mood.. as i said.. ur thinking is out of my control..

yest i had experienced so many 1st time in my life.. haha.. 1st time went 4 prom nite.. 1st time went 4 clubbing.. =) i'm so happy.. =) =) =) ladies n gentleman.. pls help me 2 keep it as a secret lo.. thanks.. =)

Sunday, November 16, 2008


走了 爱情面临选择
你冷了 倦了 我哭了
有些爱只给到这 真的痛了
怎么了 你累了
说好的 幸福呢
我懂了 不说了
爱淡了 梦远了
那些爱过的感觉都太深刻 我都还记得
你不等了 说好的 幸福呢
我错了 泪干了
放手了 后悔了
走了 爱情面临选择
你冷了 倦了 我哭了
一开始的不快乐 你用卡片纸写着
有些爱只给到这 真的痛了
怎么了 你累了
说好的 幸福呢
我懂了 不说了
爱淡了 梦远了
开心与不开心一一细数着 你再不舍
那些爱过的感觉都太深刻 我都还记得
说好的 幸福呢
我错了 泪干了
放手了 后悔了
只是回忆的音乐盒还旋转着 要怎么停呢
怎么了 你累了
说好的 幸福呢
我懂了 不说了
爱淡了 梦远了
我都还记得 你不等了
说好的 幸福呢
我错了 泪干了
放手了 后悔了

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Merdeka!!! =)

Yeah.. i finished my exam!!..... happy? not really.. unhappy? not really.. =.= .. duno wat's my feeling now.. whatever la.. suppose 2 be happy.. hehe.. =)
well.. guys do u noe wat time now? its 4.20a.m. .. =.= .. i cant sleep aaaa.. die die die..
2day i having dinner with my dear (lesbian partner).. she is the one who make me cant fall asleep (blaming her).. hehe.. act not la.. v went 4 dinner in aeon (kim gary).. i purposely went there just 2 company her le.. c.. how good m i.. hehe.. v talk a lots.. v can talk anything n crazy all over the time.. of course v noe each oth well.. =) back 2 the topic.. i had ordered 'yin yong HK style' which make me hyperactive.. my dear company me til 12smtg n my sis company me til 1smtg.. i hardly fall asleep..
but guess wat.. someone miss call me at 3smtg make me awake.. =( wei a.. i hardly fall asleep u stil wake me up!.. =( =( its okay la.. act i dun feel like sleeping oso.. having nightmare tis few day.. maybe too stress d.. n seriously.. my body become weaker from days to days.. easily fall sick.. haiz.. it is true 2 say tat SAM can kill ppl.. haha..
Someone pls make me sleep... i just want a good rest.. =(

Saturday, November 1, 2008


After having breakfast wit my family, my daddy say tat i cant study 2day.. suppose 2 relax n refresh my mind.. hehe.. so i think i going 2 refer back my eng exercise 4 2day.. n take a rest.. =) but den stay at home how 2 relax o? c tat study table full of books.. headache.. summore my daddy is sick.. so jux can stay at home.. no choice.. =(

i'm so unlucky la.. my electronic dictionary spoil d.. =( cos i accidentally drop it.. n guess wat.. i send it 2 repair.. tat fella say need 2 takes around 3 weeks 2 repair.. haiz.. after 3 weeks my exam oso finish d laaaaaa.. all the vocab tat i save in dictionary.. gone.. haiz.. wat 2 do?.. i have 2 refer 2 my manual dictionary.. =(

Frankly speaking.. my heart beat is super fast now.. i really worry bout my exam..

Countdown for Final....

Omg.. few hours left i will be sitting in the bloody cold mph.. scary man.. 1 weeks times flies...... =( damn fast le... unbelievable i going 2 face my exam.. jux like everything is not ready yet.. aaaaa...... guess wat.. nowadays i m freaking afraid of study.. wen i think of study i will scare.. duno y la.. maybe this week spend most of my time on studies ( except tat day gossiping wit tat gossip queen (EVA).. haha..) ... even tis morning wen i awake, i was forcing myself 2 sleep again.. cos i m anti-study now.. =( cant like tis la.. i have 2 face the reality.. STUDY STUDY STUDY.. haiz.. haiz.. haiz..
okay.. Conclusion is Jocin have 2 study now.... =( bye bye guys... wish me good luck for 2mr.. =.= .. take care ya..

Saturday, October 25, 2008


hor.. cant stop thinking of G12.. tat scene v all hug 2gather.. Pn. Mahani giving us advice.. haiz.. haiz.. haiz.. (i'm blaming sharon n won.. cos i saw u all de blog jx now.. now i sad d la.. =.= .. jk la.. hehe)

my final.. 1 more week left.. =( my brain have so many stuff 2 think.. after finish sam where should i go??? there r not much choices 4 me 2 choose.. n seriously.. i still haven found the uni tat i satisfy wit.. haiz..

My brain going 2 burst aaaa.. someone bring me out wei!!! =( (act i oso cant go out.. going 2 exam d.. =( )

Friday, October 24, 2008

The last day for G12..

Time pass so fast.. so fast i finish my SAM d.. 2day is the last day v go 4 class.. the last time 2 spend time with lecturers... the last time playing around wit all G12 friends.. i will miss u all very much.. seriously i will.. i will remember the time v spend 2gether.. well, i would like 2 say thanks n sry 2 all my lecturers..

thank you, Pn. Mahani..
teacher.. thanks 4 teaching me.. i do appreciate the way u teach.. i have learnt a lot from you.. serious.. n i won 4get wat u had told us.. i will study hard.. =) i love u teacher..

thank you, Ms Phua..
miss phua, i will be very very miss the time v sampat.. hehe.. although ur teaching skills not so good(i'm sry teacher) but i do appreciate the time v chatting and laughing.. =) seriously u treat me very good.. duno y.. i can be very close wit u.. hehe.. anyway.. love u, teacher.. =)

thank you, Dr. Santha..
Dr. Santha, i very afraid of u.. u r very fierce.. =( but i noe tat u r very good as well.. jux the ways u teaching us are different.. i know tat teacher r act very care 4 us.. hehe.. thank you teacher..

thank you, Miss Param..
Miss Param.. u r jux like our grandmother.. keep nagging.. hehe.. but ur nagging is 4 our good rite? u wanna bring us 2 the top students.. thanks a lot teacher.. who ever result not so good u will pay more attention on them (e.g Jocin).. u teach me how 2 score how 2 revise.. i will never forget.. hehe.. so.. not 2 make teacher disappointed i will try my best.. =)

thank you, David wang..
I'm sry, sir.. 4 not paying attention in ur class.. i'm really sry about tat.. =( u treat us very very good.. but v seems like v always bully teaher.. =( act no.. i noe tat u r a good teacher.. hehe.. i won 4get tat song u sang 2 us.. hehe..

thank you, Mrs Yeap..
although u jux teaching us for 6 months.. but v r always miss u.. v like the way u teach.. =) thank you teacher..

thousand n thousand n thousand of thank you i would like 2 say it 2 all my dear teacher..

Thursday, October 23, 2008

l'm sick.. =(

i m mentally and physically sick.. haiz.. final is jux around the corner.. i have 2 force myself 2 study as much as i can.. haiz.. but it seems didnt works.. =(
headache aaaa... i cant sick!! 2mr is my last day 4 SAM d.. i have not much time to spend with all my dear frien d.. =(

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

stay away from me pls..

argh.. i meet some stupid guys.. i HATE them.. yest i went 2 a new shop 4 my lunch (take a break).. so unlucky i meet 2 friends who spoil my mood so much.. as usual i will say hi 2 my friends (cos i m a polite person, =.=).. 1 of the guy is li bin n another is duno who la (same size n thin thin 1 from kwang hua 1).. i dun even know his name.. v jux like never talk b4.. n jux say hi n bye frien.. ok let's start the story.. after having lunch, me n my frien went 2 the counter 2 pay for the food.. den the li bin come across me n said 'come here 4 a while'.. i really dun feel like going.. act wanna drag my frien go wit me but she was talking wit her frien.. =( ok fine.. i jux walk in with him (if i didn't go, sure will let ppl think tat im action rite?).. n guess wat.. he said tat another guy find me.. i was like.... if he wanna find me den come across me la.. y should i go there? stupid.. nvm.. guess wat he asking.. 'how r u recently?' sure a stupid question.. n wen he is talking wit me his eye is not looking at me.. shit u.. tot who r u.. they r act playing the card.. den he said.. 'come n help me open my card c whether u r lucky anot'.. n all his frien are laughing at me.. i damn angry tat time.. stupid idiot.. wat the point u call me there? wanna show tat u have frien? .. damn it.. fine.. i jux walked off.. next time better dun let me 2 c u again.. i will kill u!!!!! i will make u embarrass in front of public!!! stupid idiot.. stupid cheap guy.. i very very hate u k.. 

2day, he called me.. i duno is him.. den i jux pick up the phone.. n guess wat he said.. ' i'm li bin frien.. r u free now? can v have a lunch?' wth.. lunch? c u i will feel like vomiting d k? omg.. still dare 2 ask me 4 lunch.. slowly wait la.. i will never eat wit u.. stupid stupid stupid!!!!!!! yiakss.. y i will meet tis kind of ppl 1.. degrade my image!!! 

Pls stay away from me!! otherwise i will kill u!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Eva tagged me..

  1. Who tagged you? Eva..
  2. What's the relationship between you and him/her? 8 years friends.. =)
  3. What do you think about him/her? she ar... she is so blur in everything.. hehe.. tat's y she always being bully by ppl.. hehe.. not really bully la.. jux like 2 play wit her.. @.@
  4. What kinda soul mate she/he needs (mentally and physically)? hor.. tis need 2 ask her la.. hehe..
  5. What kinda person you think he/she will ended up with (mentally and physically)? erm.. a person she love.. =)
  6. What kinda person she likes? of course her bf la.. hehe..
  7. Tag Six Victims

li ying



jie kai



(no forcing ha..)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

M i look like a kid?

2day i follow my dad 2 buy some foods 4 our dinner.. then v pay the money at the counter.. tat ladies at the counter keep staring at me.. i feel so weird.. den i give her a smile.. n guess wat.. she asked me tat whether i m 12 years old.. i was so shocked.. i staring at her n duno should give wat respond.. my dad said tat i m so 'xia sui'.. hehe.. after i walked out from the shop i keeps laughing.. i was thinking which part of my body looks like a 12 years old kid.. ^^ hey.. 12 years old? means i m in standard 6.. omg.. did i look like a standard 6 student? perhaps her eye got prb d.. hehe..

ATTENTION pls.. JOCIN is 17 years old d k? not a kid anymore la!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

cant live without letter 'l'

my com is send 4 repair.. so i have 2 use my sis com.. but duno wat happen wit her laptop.. cant taip 'l'.. omg.. i hv 2 copy n paste for every letter 'l'.. pening wei.. hehe.. so i think i wil be missing tis few day.. =( now only i noe the importance of aphabet.. hehe..

Monday, October 6, 2008

Bad result..

haiz.. my trial result damn bad.. i gonna kill myself d la.. i duno wat can i do d.. haiz.. really disappointed 2 myself.. the most important sub.. english.. i FAIL it.. shit.. if eng fail means every subjects fail u noe!! haiz.. i really very down.. so hope i can faster 投胎.. dun 1 2 be human anymore..

Sunday, October 5, 2008

pls.. i hope sadness won find me d..

No matter wat happen.. v still have 2 go on rite?
so, i can go through my life 4 my own..
i noe wat i need now..
i should have a target in my life..
a target tat i will try my very best 2 reach..

i should be happy everyday..
i dun 1 2 think something tat won come true..
i must be tough enough..
i want 2 be the HAPPY JOCIN..

STUDY HARD for final.........

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Thailand.. i'm coming...

hey guys.. i would be missing 4 few days.. hehe.. i going 2 Thailand 2nite n will come back at thurs.. i promise i will enjoy my holidays.. i will be happy.. :) hope ppl around me will stay happy always oso..
Friends.. remember to smile k? everything will be alright soon.. a brand new day is waiting 4 us.. ok la... i gtg d.. take care ya.. miss u guys.. :)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

4 things tat u cannot recover..

The stone....
.... after the throw!!

The word....
.... after it's said!!

The occasion....
.... after the loss!!

The time....
.... after it's gone!!

Yea.. i had finished my trial!!!

Yes.. i finished my trial d.. hehe.. finally.. but duno y.. not really so so so happy.. maybe i didn't did well in trial ba.. i scare of exam time d.. cant sleep well.. cant eat well.. everyday wake up have 2 face the books.. omg.. i'm so afraid 2 think of it.. exam really makes me crazy..
Well, dun 1 recall d.. i should be happy now.. hehe.. feel so released now.. but den my room n living room is so messy.. full of my books.. my mum still asked me how come i can take all the book out.. hehe.. dun care d.. wait i free d onli clean up.. :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Its tiring..

Omg.. feel like didn't sleep for very long time d.. every time sleep 2 hours den must force myself 2 wake up n study.. I'm so regret tat i didn't start it earlier.. I'm a last minutes fella.. hehe.. anyway i will do my best!!!

ok la.. sry guys, i have no time 2 blogging d.. i will update after my trial.. wait 4 me ya.. :) take care..

Sunday, September 14, 2008


haiz.. i argue wit my cousin jux cos of a DOG... yest, wen i open the gate, my cousin's dog run out.. (my house is join with their house) den my sis went out 2 find the dog.. so late d.. she go n find alone.. but she cant found it den called my youngest sis 2 told cousin them tat the dog went out d.. den everyone is busy finding the dog in the night.. guess wat.. my cousin scold my sis.. he blame her y din immediately told them when the dog went out.. excuse me.. v did k? y he can simply scold ppl? i damn angry wen my sis told me.. den i go 2 their house n trying 2 explain to his wife.. i say tat v r not purposely 2 let the dog out.. it went out itself.. n cant found the dog my sis immediately let them noe d.. noe wat she replied? NEVERMIND.. means she still blaming us? she said tat the dog follow her many years d not blaming us.. after hear she say so i go off.. after a while my cousin came 2 find me.. guess wat.. he scold me 'no big no small' so n find her wife.. i din even scold her.. i jux trying 2 explain 2 her u noe.. its ok.. den i say tat y u all blame us.. v immediately told u all d.. he has nothing 2 say.. den he say v r SELFISH!!! selfish? if v r selfish v won told them the dog went out.. if v r selfish, every time v won stop the dog from going out.. hello.. they have 4 dogs k? v have 2 care their dog? v busy wit their dog can d la? the dog so noisy u noe.. disturb me study n sometimes cant even sleep.. but v never complain bout their dog.. Now he say v r selfish? come on.. be rational k? damn over la.. at last u noe wat he said? he say now call ur dad come back la.. wat 4? v never scare at him k? v din do anything wrong k? he jux wan jaga his face onli.. he has no point 2 say d.. watever.. at least i saw the real image of them.. i hate them.. Jux cos of their dog den can simply scold at ppl? ya.. i think in their mind i m worst than a DOG.. i cried 4 the whole night.. mayb is the 1st time i feel so angry n hurt.. my parents never like tis scold me oso.. but he dare 2 scold me.. if is my wrong den i can accept it.. n i will apologize.. but now not my wrong!! haiz.. did u experience the feeling of everyone blaming on u? is really really bad.. tat's y i will so angry.. they jux like living in their world onli.. nvm la... i never ever wan 2 interrupt their world.. disappointed + getting hurt + angry + sad.. haiz.. i cant sleep keep thinking bout tat moment he scolded me unreasonable.. luckily my friends be there 4 me wen i sad.. they company me n try 2 consoling me.. i reli feel better wit their company.. thanks ya all my best friends.. i love u all very much.. :)

2day.. they found their dog d.. yea.. i din owe them anything d.. n won feel guilty.. if they really so love their dog den dun let the dog run here n there la.. if not the ppl kena blame is us.. so unlucky got tis kind of cousin.. the worst is stay beside them.. haiz.. tat hurt will never disappear..

Saturday, September 13, 2008

m i looks like a play gal?

Y everyone think tat i'm a play gal? yes.. i like 2 play with everyone but izit tis means tat i'm a play gal? i really cant take it anymore.. everything i did is commented by ppl.. its ok ppl make comment bout me on other matter.. but den i hate ppl say tat i'm a play gal.. cos I'M NOT!!! haiz.. i really tired d.. so hope tat i can get out of tis.. :(

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Damn funny..

2day is a rainy day.. den i have 2 take taxi wit jocelyn n my cousin (eevon).. v saw a taxi pass by den jocelyn stop the taxi n ask 4 the price.. after tat joceln n my cousin get into the taxi d.. i 'm the last one get into the taxi.. dunno y.. i close the door so loud.. hehe.. mayb i m too energetic d o mayb i wanna fast fast get into the car.. hehe.. den i msg my frien who stand beside the car.. i ask him whether he heard i close the door.. noe wat he reply? he say everyone heard it.. the whole college.. really got so loud anot wor.. hehe.. n he was staring at me get into the car.. Omg.. really embarrassing.. hehe.. luckily i din look at them..

den after v reach station, i take out my touch n go.. v have 2 scan b4 go in.. den duno y my card cant function.. dun have tat "ti ti" sound.. i feel so weird den i put the card upside down.. but still the same.. after my cousin buy her ticket n she come across me.. i told her tat my card cant function.. guess wat? i took my student ID 4 scanning.. hehe.. sure la cannot.. me n cousin at there keeps laughing.. hehe.. i so blur la.. the funniest part is i put the card upside down without realising tat i take the wrong card.. hehe..

Thursday, August 28, 2008

mummy's birthday..

happy birthday to my dearest mum.. i wish u 身体健康.. stay happy always and all the best in everything.. hehe..

o ya.. 2day is oso a blur blur day.. i 4get 2 bring my thumb drive.. having presentation 2day.. shit rite? cos wen i wake up n gonna switch on the light but who noe my house dun have electric.. haiz.. dun talk bout me 1st.. 2day qian 4get 2 bring her file 2 school.. n she msg me in the morning.. she said tat she like 4get bring her life 2 college.. hehe.. den i was like.. v having the same condition.. damn blur la.. n jocelyn 4get 2 bring her hp 2 college 2day.. hehe.. our disease is now getting serious..

ok la.. gonna rest d.. if not many pimples d.. good nite..

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sad + angry + disappointed...

2day, tat "A" send me a msg tat make me damn angry n hate it..
"Pls tel ur friends dun treat my friends like shit jux cos of me.. pls.. if u dun 1 me 2 have frien.. den fine.. jux dun treat them like tis.. pls.. i beg u.." tis is wat he send..
wat he mean? my frien? his frien? my frien din do anything.. y he think tat everyone jux like him so sensitive? v NEVER treat his frien badly cos of him!!!!!! NEVER!! excuse me.. dun be so childish k? wat dun 1 u 2 have frien? haiz.. i really speechless.. his thinking jux like GAL.. its ok he send me tis.. guess wat.. he act emo 2day n purposely dun mix wit frien.. purposely sit alone.. jux 2 show he he has no friend.. i really cant tahan anymore.. haiz.. damn angry everytime saw his msg..

i put so many effort on chem n study many times d.. i really hope i can do it very well in the test.. but.. I CANT FINISH MY CHEM.. summore the last part tat i leave is essay which is 8 marks.. shit.. 8 marks gone.. not i duno do tat ques.. jux dun have enough time 2 do.. arghh.. damn angry.. haiz.. i really feel disappointed to myself.. every test oso cant finish at time.. haiz.. i must study hard d.. trial is coming..

Saturday, August 23, 2008

how 2 talk???

izit the way i talking will easily hurt ppl? if so den really sry 4 those ppl i had hurted them.. my parent said tat i m too straight forward.. so sometimes will say smtg tat hurt ppl without realising.. izit? i talk without thinking? i duno la.. i never mean 2 hurt anyone.. mayb some ppl who r too sensitive will take it serious.. i jux like 2 joke wit frien.. have fun with them.. and i can talk everything with them.. when i m crazy (keep launghing) , i will talk rubbish and i enjoy tat moment.. hehe..
but.. i dun mean 2 hurt ppl.. :( really sry if i hurt anyone.. hope u all dun mind.. i really not purposely 2 do so.. haiz.. its really hard 2 be a good person.. everything should be perfect..

Thursday, August 21, 2008

how 2 comfort ppl????

how u comfort ppl wen they r sad? haiz.. i really duno la.. really make me headache.. i duno wat tat person need.. i m so happy tat they will told me wen they r sad but den... i duno how 2 comfort them.. haiz.. say those auntie word? do u think it works? i dun think so.. wen a person sad wat they need most?? haiz.. really hope tat they can jux tell me wat can i help.. den i sure will do it 4 them if i able 2 do so.. i dun 1 ppl around me not happy.. its so suffer 2 c ur Friend sad but u cant do anything.. rite? i really hope they will always happy.. haiz.. but wat can i do?
so guys, do u have any idea?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy birthday to u..

Happy birthday 2 u (Jin Wei) ya.. hope all ur dreams come true and all the best.. hehe.. u remind me tat v r 18 d.. jux like unbelieveable.. hehe.. time pass damn fast la.. erm.. 2day u should be happy n enjoy 1.. but too bad.. u have 2 do ur homework.. u look so busy.. hehe.. pity u.. anyway.. hope v can bring happiness 4 u.. n hope u wil remember ur 18 birthday is celebrate with us lo.. hehe.. happy birthdya ya.. 20082008 :D

wanna c the pic v had taken? here you go..

yea.. this is Jin Wei's birthday cake.. how it looks like? tis cake is made by eva.. hehe.. erm.. the taste.. NOT BAD ba.. hehe..

well, tis is the pic v took 2gether.. From left, eva, me, jin wei, hui shien, khai wee..

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Damn angry..

haiz.. 2day is a bad day 4 me.. feel so frustrated.. my com spoil d.. cant concentrate study.. time pass so fast my holiday wanna finish d.. suddenly.. so many stuff 2 worry.. make me very unhappy.. i reli worry bout my studies.. my chances 2 be pharmacist is very very tiny.. in class, i 'm not the top student but can consider as the worst student.. so how can i get the chances 2 enter universiti tat i want? haiz.. headache.. i dun 1 wasted my dad 20 thousand on SAM.. i reli hope i can study hard..

Sunday, August 17, 2008


duno y.. suddenly had inspiration to create a love poem which is so true 4 me..

" 爱,是一个很奇妙的东西..


记得要用真诚的心对待自己.... "

Friday, August 15, 2008

blur blur..

2day jocelyn was late 2 telok gadong station.. den i called her but tat time train ad reach.. i very blur duno wanna go into train anot.. at last i choose 2 wait jocelyn..
Jocin: i think i wait 4 jocelyn..
sis: hey.. u taking my phone la! come in 1st la..
i standing outside the train 4 few min.. hehe.. guess wat.. everyone is get into the train.. but i still standing outside the train.. everyone in train were waiting 4 me 2 get in.. hehe.. so pai se.. den i faster get into the train.. sry a jocelyn.. cos din wait 4 u..
After half an hour.. i taking bus 2 my college.. i m not afraid of alone but wat i worry is how 2 cross the road.. i'm thinking " oh shit, so many car.. wen onli can cross?" luckily tat time got office gal wanna cross the road oso so i follow her.. hehe..
Den wen i reach college.. the guard wanna check my student ID.. wen i take out my wallet.. all my shilings falls.. omg.. damn xia sui.. summore beside the staircase is garden.. how can i found back my shilings? i think everyone was looked at me.. luckily tat time my frien called me.. den i ans the phone act like nothing happen.. hehe.. but.. my shilings.. after finish talk on phone i go near the garden there n saw my 20sen shilings.. den i jux take it n went 2 my class.. i not dare 2 find others shilings.. hehe.. so paise la..

yea.. 2day mayb is the last day i can enjoy myself.. cos after tis i have 2 concentrate study d.. jocelyn, sharon n me went 2 redbox n singing.. hehe.. unbelievable jocelyn will follow us go.. sharon is so so so happy.. 2day v really sing many songs n really enjoy it.. hehe.. but i dun like there de service.. i HATE those worker!! they r so action.. like v din pay 4 them.. shit u la.. "redbox sucks" (Jocelyn 2008) .. hehe.. but i saw smtg funny from them.. 1 of the action worker nearly fell down.. hehe.. cos he watlk at wet wet de place.. den nearly fell down in front of me n jocelyn.. hehe.. i jux cant tahan n laugh at him.. the best part is after he fell down he act like nothing happen.. hehe.. still wanna act cool? Anyway.. i really enjoy myself 2day.. hehe.. after singing i make a decision d.. but it is a secret.. hehe.. thanks sharon thanks jocelyn.. love ya..

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Blur Blur gang..

jocelyn, r u ok?
u ha.. so blur la.. keeps collides with things.. hehe.. ur leg got many "black green" d la.. leg swollen d still dun 1 massage it.. really cant tahan u.. let it be black black very nice a? dun la so scare pain.. nvm.. i wil help u massage 1.. hehe.. wanna c u scream.. next time pls concentrate when walking.. c.. leg so long 4 wat? so easy kena things.. hehe..
2day v realise tat our gang is so blur except sharon.. i think i not like them so blur.. hehe.. they (Qian and Jocelyn) always have many prb.. i.e. fall down, things drop n many many.. hehe..

stupid "A"..
i'm not a doll k? wen u angry den scold me.. after few min apologize 2 me.. wat tis all means? i ad say very clear d.. y cant u accept it? i'm sry.. i jux delete all ur msg.. sometimes dun even read it.. haiz.. i'm sry.. cos after reading ur msg i will get angry n hurt.. i ad told u dun msg me d.. i ad make everything clear d.. but den y u still cant understand? i even do stuff tat hurt u but u still act like nothing happen.. haiz.. i really duno wat 2 do d.. avoid ur cal, ur msg n u are stuff tat i do it everyday.. sometimes really fed up of it u noe.. i didnt stop u from loving me.. i jux hope u can keep distance with me.. dun send those geli msg 4 me.. its disgusting k? pls stop it!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

oh oh.. malaysian studies..

Act i plan 2 study malaysian studies 1.. but my frien gave me tips 4 malaysian studies.. Due to my tiredness, i jux study the tips.. i dun even think of whether the tips is reliable..i jux pray hard hope tat the tips is correct.. but guess wat? i m so unlucky.. non of the ques come out from the tips.. haiz.. i damn scare la.. jux simply tembak.. i really scare tat i wil fail it.. i dun wan.. i dun wan re-take malaysian studies.. pls.. pls.. hope teacher wil give me pass.. but since my teacher so bad, i think i dun hv tis chance d.. haiz.. sad.. :( Anyway, i wanted 2 thanks the person who gave me tips.. thanks.. n really sry 2 those ppl who read my tips lo.. i'm sry..

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

haiz.. physic?

haiz.. i put my affort in physic d.. but i still cant do well in physic.. how? i din sleep 4 the whole night 2 study physic.. but i still cant do the ques.. who can help me o? anyway i jux hope i can pass my physic..

Saturday, August 9, 2008


hey.. "A".. can u stop it? y cant u accept the truth? its impossible k? haiz.. i really fed up d.. how many times i have 2 explain 2 u? n y cant u understand? not i jx remember those bad memories.. its jux won love u anymore.. love is no forcing.. hope u can understand tat.. over is over d.. no matter u put how many effort on it, u won found back those memories d.. pls la.. dun lie urself d.. u can find so many reasons 4 urself.. u noe it is impossible d den y cant u jux give up? if v can be frien i feel very happy d.. nowadays, i cant even communicate with u.. i had tried.. but end up i get angry.. haiz.. i'm sorry.. i really feel so irritating with those sweet words.. cant u talk with me jux like normal frien? here got some advice 4 u.. perhaps be friend is a better way 4 both of us.. jux like me n kw.. our relationship getting better d.. cos he knew tat v r impossibe 2 be couple.. he start on with his new life and treat me as his best frien.. so good rite? n i can feel tat he is really happy with his new life.. he found back himself d.. i'm so proud of him.. hope u too..

haiz.. i'm sry.. i think i m not be able 2 forgive u.. u really really very annoying.. u destroy my mood.. i HATE u.. hey guys.. u noe wat ppl called me? a bitch, a hooker.. should i be happy wit tat? its hurt.. i should stay strong n not 2 tel my frien.. tis is wat u told me.. wat the hell u 1? fine.. perhaps i should say thanks 2 u.. cos u telling me all tis.. u PROTECT me.. ok.. i saw it.. the way u PROTECT me.. i really appreciate it.. so wat do u need now? ha? can i say i jux 1 2 break our relationship? i never wanted 2 have any relation wit u.. jux like i never meet u.. never noe u.. may i? i doubt so.. n i really fed up of ppl commenting on me.. i hate it k? does it relate wit u all? y so gossip? did u feel the pain which is the same as me? did u experience my condition? haiz.. how can u all jux simply say? its fine.. i hope i can ignore wat ppl say.. cos i noe wat am i doing now.. i din did anything wrong.. my frien trusted me.. haiz.. i jux hope everything can be stopped.. i really sad.. mayb no one can understand my feeling.. cos u all din experience my condition.. the way they treat me.. haiz.. i jux dun 1 2 voice out.. but i din voice out doesnt mean tat i dun care k? haiz.. how do u feel if ppl cal u a bitch o hooker? n guess wat.. ppl say my wearing got prb? haiz.. i din show any part of my body k? can u let me wear wat i 1? haiz.. its really very hating u noe.. wat i wear ppl oso wanted 2 say.. jocelyn, sharon, n all my dearest frien who saw wat i wear everyday.. did u feel my wearing got prb? jux tel the truth.. i never wear tube never wear spaghetti 2 college.. normally i wear shirt wit skirt o short.. izit got prb? haiz.. pls pls pls.. i beg u all.. let all tis stuff over k? jux stop here k? really enough d.. N pls la.. my frien din influence me.. they didnt.. they treat me very good.. if not them, i wil become crazy cos of u d.. haiz.. not their prb!!! dun say them!!! pls.. is u make me so suffer.. i jx 1 2 get out of ur world.. let me quit..

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A raining day..

yea.. feel so nice 2day.. the weather is so good.. hehe.. but cos of raining i have to waste rm2.50.. tat stupid taxi driver so bad la.. charge us rm5.. haiz..

2day inside the train i saw a special frien (a guy who wanted 2 noe jocelyn).. hehe.. i trying 2 make them talking n communicate wit each other but end up i talking with him.. swt la.. i really duno how 2 find topic 4 u both la.. i m sry lo.. haiz.. miss a chance d lo.. nvm.. next time i wil try again.. hehe.. hope the chance will coming soon..

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Stupid haunted house....

First of all. i would like 2 apologize to my dearest sharon.. hehe.. really sry sharon.. u sure very regret for bringing me 2 haunted house rite? hehe.. sry.. i really very scare of those stupid ghost.. when i recall the scene in the haunted house, i keeps laughing at myself.. really very funny la.. sharon, u r really brave enough 2 bring 2 gals.. n ur action really makes me laugh.. u told the ghost tat u noe who are them? n say tat if u near 2 me i Will kick u? hehe.. u so cute la.. wat i noe is jx hold ur hand tight tight.. hehe.. i damn scare la.. sum more tat stupid ghost touch my leg.. make me cant even stand properly.. inside the haunted house i really did many xia sui stuff.. hehe.. i not dare 2 face them d.. n i'm not crying la.. jx too scare d.. keeps sweating.. hehe.. Omg.. really very xia sui la.. hehe.. by the way, tis incident makes me keeps laughing.. n i really feel very happy although got a bit xia sui.. hehe.. sry a sharon.. wasted ur rm6..

Jocelyn.. sry ya.. u are my best friend la.. really sry 4 not accompany u.. but sometimes there are some condition tat makes me duno wat 2 do.. hope u wil understand my condition.. mayb i m jux duno how 2 refuse ppl.. Im sry.. i really love u guys.. dun angry ya.. love u.. :D Oh ya.. i really appreciate our conversation 2day.. let me have a chance 2 explain my condition 2 u all.. hehe.. Thanks god.. FRIENDSHIP FOREVER..

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

HOT pink or Purple?

2day, due to the preparation 4 charity carnival, jocelyn n me went to a bakery shop to buy some ingredient.. v decided 2 buy some coloring to make our drinks more attractive (commented by zi qian). i have a different opinion with jocelyn.. she said that HOT pink is nicer.. but i prefer purple.. den v argue inside the shop 4 quite a long times.. hehe.. Hot Pink? wat color is tat? jx like red color.. hehe.. purple is nicer rite? more special wat.. Den v decided 2 call Qian and ask 4 her opinion.. hehe.. guess who wil win? At last, v brought purple and blue.. hehe.. sry o jocelyn.. Din buy ur Hot pink.. u sure very angry rite? hehe.. dun la angry.. purple is nicer.. trust me.. hehe.. so guys.. do u think purple o hot pink nicer?

Monday, August 4, 2008

i'm a strong gal..

hey friends.. See.. i can go back alone and safety reach station weih.. hehe.. i big d ya.. dun worry bout me d k? i wil protect myself from bad ppl.. hehe.. so a.. dun treat me as a little gal d la.. i nearly 18 d.. hehe.. especially tat sharon a.. dun feel sry k? i must thanks 4 u n ur mum cos always fetch me 2 station.. hehe..

Actually 2day i did a vy xia sui thing.. 2day a guy follow me from station 2 college.. v took bus mini which cost 80sen per person (with air-con).. when i took my wallet out i realise tat i dun hv shillings.. i jx have rm50.. Omg.. i so scare la.. cant 1 me 2 borrow money from tat guy rite? i duno wat 2 do.. jx take all the shillings out (60sen).. n hope tat bus uncle will accept it.. but.. guess wat? i no need 2 pay 4 the uncle.. u noe y? cos tat guy pay 4 me d.. hehe.. luckily.. if not i sure vy vy vy xia sui.. hehe.. thanks ya..

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Amway? Killing ppl..

Omg.. my parent kena tipu again.. stupid amway.. guess wat? a water filter cost 3thousand smtg.. damn expensive la.. haiz.. jx bcos is cousin's gf.. bcos of pai se.. bcos of stop them fan-ing us.. my dad hv 2 buy it.. haiz.. v ad hv other brand of water filter la.. amway so wat? the water is more special izit? really really vy angry.. n hate amway.. pls la... dun find us d.. v ad buy many stuff from amway d.. pls dun come again.. scary man.. haiz..

haiz.. i really tired of everything la.. no1 wil und my feeling.. wt they do is correct n wat i do is wrong.. haiz.. well.. i jx accept it cos i dun 1 a small things make everyone argue.. n i m tired of explaining.. no point i explain to the person who cant und me rite? i rather he blame all the fault on me n hate me.. haiz.. jx let me go on wit my mew life can a? ha? pls.. y he 1 2 control my life? its my life k? i hv my right 2 do wat i 1.. pls pls pls.. let me choose the next step of my life on my own k? haiz.. nvm la.. i think he won und.. in their heart i m those stupid gal o mayb a cheap gal.. its really hurt wen they say tat bt i jx hv 2 accept it.. cos i really hope everything wil stop there.. its ok they say how bad am i.. bt the onli things i 1 is jx let me go.. i dun care how ppl say.. how ppl think of me.. i noe wat m i doing.. n i noe my frien wil always be there support me.. i really appreciate it.. they willing 2 hear my complaining n even help me a lots.. really feel sry 2 them.. cos of my prb make them vy fan.. im sry.. n thanks ya my best friends.. i really love u all vy much.. n oso the most important ppl who always by my side.. my dearest sis..

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Stupid Math..

Is there anyone who can help me? I going 2 flunk my math.. Stupid math.. make me headache.. almost all the ques i did wrong.. haiz.. how 2 go 4 exam wor? sure die d la.. summore i wanted 2 watch one million star.. cant skip the show d.. i ad miss the show 4 2 weeks d la.. dun care d la.. die den die la.. i jx try my best 2 do the stupid math.. hope someone can help me.. :(