Saturday, November 1, 2008

Countdown for Final....

Omg.. few hours left i will be sitting in the bloody cold mph.. scary man.. 1 weeks times flies...... =( damn fast le... unbelievable i going 2 face my exam.. jux like everything is not ready yet.. aaaaa...... guess wat.. nowadays i m freaking afraid of study.. wen i think of study i will scare.. duno y la.. maybe this week spend most of my time on studies ( except tat day gossiping wit tat gossip queen (EVA).. haha..) ... even tis morning wen i awake, i was forcing myself 2 sleep again.. cos i m anti-study now.. =( cant like tis la.. i have 2 face the reality.. STUDY STUDY STUDY.. haiz.. haiz.. haiz..
okay.. Conclusion is Jocin have 2 study now.... =( bye bye guys... wish me good luck for 2mr.. =.= .. take care ya..

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