Saturday, November 1, 2008


After having breakfast wit my family, my daddy say tat i cant study 2day.. suppose 2 relax n refresh my mind.. hehe.. so i think i going 2 refer back my eng exercise 4 2day.. n take a rest.. =) but den stay at home how 2 relax o? c tat study table full of books.. headache.. summore my daddy is sick.. so jux can stay at home.. no choice.. =(

i'm so unlucky la.. my electronic dictionary spoil d.. =( cos i accidentally drop it.. n guess wat.. i send it 2 repair.. tat fella say need 2 takes around 3 weeks 2 repair.. haiz.. after 3 weeks my exam oso finish d laaaaaa.. all the vocab tat i save in dictionary.. gone.. haiz.. wat 2 do?.. i have 2 refer 2 my manual dictionary.. =(

Frankly speaking.. my heart beat is super fast now.. i really worry bout my exam..

1 comment:

eewon said...

u goin to free on next wed!!
and u can relax d!
well, i goin to die on tomoro~~