Friday, November 21, 2008

my birthday..

thanks 4 everyone who wish me.. =) but.. seriously i dint enjoy my bday.. i having breakfast wit family.. then... noon my cousin n i bake cheese cake 2gather.. i'm so unlucky.. parent go 4 dinner.. so cant cele wit me.. nvm la.. they say postpone.. =) erm.. reli wanna thanks 2 my cousin.. love u guys.. haha.. they accompany me 4 whole the day.. summore wanna bring me 4 a movie.. but i reli had no mood.. so sry.. den v went 2 mcd eat.. hehe.. i love fries.. yummy yummy.. satisfy.. =) oh ya.. v sure have the chance 2 go there.. dun worry.. as my daddy say go wet go wet.. but must reach home b4 1am rite.. haha.. n reli sry 2 someone.. i'm so frustrated yest.. cos of smtg smtg.. =.= but he is trying 2 make me happy.. hehe.. tis is the best bday present u gave me.. thanks.. =)

special le.. tis is my bday cake editted by my dear frien, lee yan.. haha.. thanks gal.. =)

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