Thursday, January 29, 2009

Here Here Here.. my cny..

Yea yea.. i having fun during chinese new year.. =)
Hope the time can be stopped at this moment.. my cny, dun leave me dun leave me.. pls pls pls.. i dun wan go back tat lousy uni.. =(
Anyway.. i enjoying my cny now..
N de ha.. Tat wat wat wat report i dun care d.. forget about it.. hehe.. (dun worry.. i still got my dear benny n qian to help me.. haha..)
the moment tat i captured during chinese new year.. =) =)

chu yi.. th very first day.. =)

my dear sis. me. won

chu er....

me. joey. ying

me n the sis

mei n me

chu san.....

sorry guys.. i lazy to upload so many photo.. so view from my friendster ya.. i will upload my photo there.. =)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

updated =)

hey people.. here you go..

一, 就是你自己.
二, 就是最爱你的人.
三, 就是你最爱的人.
四, 和你渡过一生的人.
也许和你渡过的人不是最爱你的人, 也不是你最爱的人, 只是一个在适当的时间 适当的时候出现的人. ''
~~ EVA
thanks eva.. =) =)
this is a very meaningful post.. u will nodded if you saw this post..
99.9% agree with it right.. haha..
i wanna add on something..
sorry a.. my chinese got bit cacat.. hope u guys get what i mean...
and hope i won get you blur.. hehe..

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wishes for my dear frien..

For all my dearest frien~~

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Must must must enjoy ur cny ya.. cos its just once a year.. after that u have 2 wait 365 days again.. so long rite.. hehe.. so, appreciate it.. =) =)

okay.. there are many many many wishes for you guys.. in a new year may all the dreams come true ya..

祝你们身体健康,心想事成,万事如意,学业猛进 and blablabla......... ( you guys noe la hor ) o ya.. still got a very important wishes.. for those who are single, wish u all will get a boyfriend/girlfriend soon.. =) for those who are in a relationship, wish u guys 甜甜蜜蜜直到永远.... =)

okay.. tat's all.. i wanna oi oi already.. wanna get angpao 2mr.. haha.. tata guys.. take care n stay happy ya.. =)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

一生中你会遇见 4 种人
4。忘记liao.. (paise ha =.=)
~~ Qian
Hahaha.. Complicated right? just make it as simple as you can..
Hope u guys can found
'' 最爱你的人也是你最爱的人 '' =)
Gambateh ya!! be happy.. =)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hate IMU..

ladies and gentleman.. currently i study at IMU.. surprise rite.. no much ppl knew tat i ad entered imu.. im sry for no informing u guys.. it is jux like a sudden stuff.. i decide it in last minutes.. im in the duno-duno-duno situation.. =.= and i duno since wen i started my studies.. i was like still in the holidays mood.. and chinese new year mood.. i cant accept that i ad started my studies now.. really dun like imu.. imu really sucks.. haiz..
the lecturers are like nerd nerd n weird weird.. =.=
the environment not nice at all..
nothing much to eat.. few choices only.. aizs..
n i dun have much frien there.. the best frien are bennie n qian.. the class is around 95 ppl.. its totally different with the lifestyle in the school o in the college.. i cant hanging around n playing around.. =(

i miss taylors so so so so so much..... although taylors dun have escalator.. dun have much facilities.. still, i prefer taylors university college.. u noe why..
1st.. wen u step out of the college, there r lots of cafe, restaurant, mamak n many many.... so many choices for us to choose.. and v can reach there by jux walking.. so convenience rite..
2nd.. i miss tat easy-going frien in taylors.. v always having fun together.. all sampat sampat wan.. non-stop laughing everyday.. gossip here and there.. really really miss them very much.. aizs.. so hope tat time can be reversed..

Anyway, i have no choice.. wat to do rite.. life still have to go on wat.. so i will try to enjoy it.. n i promise i will study hard since there have no much fun in imu.. =) if u guys have anything to ask me, jux text me o leave comment here ya..

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Dear cousins.

I'm sorry.. i spoiled the plan.. really feel so sorry to u all.. its me the one who suggest the plan.. but in the end i m the one who canceled it.. really sorry cousins.. its a precious chance for us to enjoy rite.. aizs.. actually i wish i can go.. i wanna spend time with u all.. because i know that there are no much time for us to hang out d.. =( but den too bad.. the situation not allowed me to do so.. =( i have to go nottingham university.. its a good chance for me to pay a try.. hope nottingham will accept me la.. pray hard for it.. frankly speaking.. if i dint go for admission rite.. my dad will scold me gao gao wan.. so i must obey.. be a good daughter.. plus there are no much choices for me d.. so i have to go for it.. and its related with my future.. so what to do..

sorry to my dear cousin.. i know that u all will understand.. but still.. i feel so sorry.. i can feel the happy anticipation from u all.. but too bad.. i had destroy it.. =( so sorry.. sorry for making u all disappointed.. =(

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm sad... =( =(

nothing goes right.. =( =(

Sunday, January 11, 2009

the memory of yam cha

Always the gal jio yam cha.. kang tao ah zui (in hokkein) wan.. let's see what happen.. =)

the coffee shop that v always hang out..

the other day ( yesterday) ....

see see see.. emo emo.. hehe..

gossip gossip.. the gal's job.. hehe..

our table damn dirty hor.. nor.. the gal la.. accidently pour the drink out.. left half of it.. =( n the super straight waiter.. gosh.. is like standing there bai pose only.. at least wipe it up rite.. they can stand there n staring at us only.. beh tahan le.. plus, everyone staring at us.. so pai se le.. =.= den v all act like duno each other.. hehe.. the only thing v can do.. hehe..

sorry to other cousin.. cos its too late d.. so dint ask for yam cha.. next time ya.. i noe u very kind wan.. will forgive me de hor.. hehe.. thanks first.. =)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


i'm tired!!!! Pls.. show me something that is 'for sure'..

There are so many questions proping out from my mind.. but no one of them i able to solve it.. wth rite.. i hate myself for being like this.. i have no more energy to wait and wait and wait.. the situation dont allowed me to do so.. what should i do now??? why everythings seem so complicated?? Aaaaa............... the feeling of hating myself.. haiz.. gonna crazy soon.. =( =( =( i tot i m alrite.. but i m not.. aizs.. how? how? how? not in the mood.. leave me alone..................

Monday, January 5, 2009

Emo shit.

But the more u fell,
The wound seemed to heal faster,
The pain seemed to be calmer,
And u seem to know better,

The more u fall,
u seem to get tougher,
u seem to grow stronger,
And u seem to evade the pain faster,

And finally u will realized,
That success doesn’t come easy,
That pain is your best friend,
And the route to your success is preplanned.
~~ CC
~~ victor
studies agian.. make me think out of my mind.. aizs.. =( emo shit..
by the way.. thanks 2 all my frien who trying to console me.. concern bout me.. even trying to make me happy.. thanks.. reall thanks.. i love u guys.. i will be alrite soon.. dun worry ya..

Saturday, January 3, 2009

i'm not shorty laaa!!!

my daddy - the one who cursing me short.. know what.. i was passed by his room.. he is sitting there after went for exercise.. den he called - wuei gia (means shorty in hokkien)- come over here.. actually i knew he called me.. i used 2 it d.. but wen i wanna walk over there.. i was like paused.. i was thinking tat i m not shorty.. why should i go over there.. dun wan bother at him.. den i asked him who u called just now?.. noe what he reply.. he said see who is the shortest here.. =.= i was like * correct oso hor *.. what to do.. pity me.. =( wait wait wait.. uncle.. its bcos of inherited by u n mummy de genes only will become short wan wei!!! hor.. now still dare to say me short o.. =( =(

I miss her...

Guess wat.. i met the little cute gal in jusco.. hehe.. guess who is she??? ====== *suminyoeh*.. =) u guys sure miss her oso le.. but too bad u all dun have the chance to see her.. haha.. yea.. she still the same.. never changed.. i mean her internality.. still the cute. kind. n super skinny gal.. hehe.. wei my dear.. u better eat more n more n more a.. so skinny la.. later ppl take advantage to bully u le.. so MUST eat more a!! nvm la.. i will protect u wan.. hehe.. i will be there for u wen u need me.. always.. =) touch le.. dun cry dun cry.. hehe..

Erm.. i think u over-stress d la.. dun put too much pressure on yourself k? jux try ur best for everything.. that might be perfect d.. seriously.. =) =) promise.. v will meet again.. rite? brings along see bee.. i miss her very much too.. =(

Gal.... Gal.... dun worry about me.. I'm fine here.. =) wish you good luck in everything.. =) send u a big big smile.. stay happy ya..

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Happy New Year 2009.. =) forget all the sad stories and welcoming the new ones.. =)
Its a new life for everyone..
Of course.. a new life for me too.. I'm wondering how my future will be.. but for sure.. i will try my best to make it more n more n more fantastic.. it must be full with happiness.. hehe.. hope so la..
For the past.. i had tried, learnt and experienced many things.. And this way to improve myself..
i m holding the moment that i spent with my family and my friends.. the moment when i was sad.. the moment when i was happy.. and also the moment when i was confused.. they did assist me along the journey in 2008.. =) Thus, i will never regret to have 2008.. the year tat contains lots n lots n lots of memories.. i appreciated it.. =) thanks to my friends and family who gave me a sweet sweet year.. =) =) bye bye 2008..