Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Dear cousins.

I'm sorry.. i spoiled the plan.. really feel so sorry to u all.. its me the one who suggest the plan.. but in the end i m the one who canceled it.. really sorry cousins.. its a precious chance for us to enjoy rite.. aizs.. actually i wish i can go.. i wanna spend time with u all.. because i know that there are no much time for us to hang out d.. =( but den too bad.. the situation not allowed me to do so.. =( i have to go nottingham university.. its a good chance for me to pay a try.. hope nottingham will accept me la.. pray hard for it.. frankly speaking.. if i dint go for admission rite.. my dad will scold me gao gao wan.. so i must obey.. be a good daughter.. plus there are no much choices for me d.. so i have to go for it.. and its related with my future.. so what to do..

sorry to my dear cousin.. i know that u all will understand.. but still.. i feel so sorry.. i can feel the happy anticipation from u all.. but too bad.. i had destroy it.. =( so sorry.. sorry for making u all disappointed.. =(

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