Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A new hairstyle..

i went for haircut.. =) if u ask me how was the look? and my ans is i have no comment bout it.. hehe.. let's c how my frien comment bout it..

the 1st day went to class wit new hairstyle..
okay.. today a bit special.. nt wit my new hair but without my dear qian there.. =(
so by the time i reached class.. its like so quiet..
so i sit wit hui wen (lim) since she is also alone sitting there..
hui wen: eh, u cut ur hair o?
me: eh ya hor.. i oso forget i cut my hair d.. hehe.. (i really forget i cut my hair =.=)
hui wen: Let me comment on it..
erm.. looks better than eng hui wan.. den v started to laugh.. hehe.. (inside joke)

after the class started around 20min,
pay ying text me ' dear u dint come o?'
den i staring at her.. they (hui wen n pay ying) were shock.. and noe wat she said.. ' actually i wondering who the gal is' hehe.. they cant recognise me wei..

hui wen (lee): u looks 5 years youger o.. more like children d.. (and she repeat it many times d.. hehe..)

harhar.. most of the frien said that i look younger d.. =) i memang young wat =p
*post the photo next time ya..

Friday, March 27, 2009

outing wit the crapping group..

outing wit tat crapping group.. hehe.. ( sharon, qian n benny) v went midvalley to have our lunch.. but too bad.. v r rushing for the practical class after finish it.. =.=

fish n chip.. so nice rite.. but quite a big serve.. i cant finish it o.. hehe..

iced lemon tea.. my favourite.. =)

look nice? creative rite? =) i pick wan le.. =) but sharon dun wan finish it.. =(

my dear sharon.. so cute rite? haha..

nar.. the last pic v took b4 rushing to ktm.. =) bit cacat-ed but v dun have much chance to take photo together.. so appreciate it.. oh ya.. sorry ya.. the photo suppose to include benny wan.. sorry benny..

Friendship Forever.. =)

Saturday, March 21, 2009


i m so sad today..
its really really sad..
but wat to do..
i cant change anything oso..
y m i so stupid?
y cant me be the smart one?
definitely i have no idea y..
can someone kill me a?

luckily u r there for me.. =) thanks..

n thanks for my qian dear..
always be there for me.. =)
dun forget our deal ya.. (starbuck) =p

haiz.. i really tak ada mood la..
tak ada mood to study oso..
die on..
bloody pek cek la..

Thursday, March 19, 2009

the hardworking one. =)

hey hey.. me here.. =)

i super-hardworking nowadays.. im in the process of becoming nerd.. =.= i dun wan wei.. someone save me.. =.= everyday study and study and study.. cos every week got exam.. =( wth..

hor.. study really can drive me crazy.. but luckily there are some ppl save me from being crazy.. =)

my dear sis accompany me to study since she having test also.. i hate to study alone k? so boring plus i will fall asleep.. so ya.. v study study n talk talk.. =)

my super good frien call me n text me when i feel bored.. he makes me awake all the time.. just like my grandfather.. keep nagging.. beh tahan.. lalala.. hehe.. but really really thanks.. thanks for the consultation.. u saved me.. haha.. i cant find any such a good frien d.. =) (let u happy only.. =p dun perasan)

and of course my dear save me a lot.. =) =) but dun wan to tell the story.. hehe.. nanti dia perasan.. =p

thanks to my frien dint disturb me when they noe im studying.. =)

if u guys dun wan to be crazy.. pls stay away from qian.. especially after she ate sugar.. otherwise u can get any term tat will make u swt.. i really tak boleh tahan her.. she study till sot d.. wat she said is crazy ness from high concen to low concentration.. broadband.. multipurpose.. =.= she is the one drive me crazy wei.. hehe..

okay la okay la.. i must study d.. blogging very time consuming wei.. but is the place for me to release stress.. hehe.. bye bye dudes.. miss ya..

Sunday, March 15, 2009


i dun wan to drive d laaaa... =( i wan to give up d..
driving will never be a part of my interest.. i hate driving.. i hate it i hate it i hate it..
i hate ppl sit beside me n shouting at me.. they make me feel unsecure.. plus i will make them angry.. =.= i dun wan i dun wan.. haiz.. if really so scare den dun let me drive la.. so pek cek for wat la.. make me so scare.. =.= so pressure wei.. ahhh.... (cousin.. help me.. i dun wan drive d.. =( )

** who wanna be my driver?? =(

Friday, March 13, 2009

hey hey.. tis suppose to be posted last 2 weeks.. hehe.. sorry for the delay ya.. =)

these are the pic we took in the car when v r on the way to sekenjang to makan.. since v r so boring in the car.. so... hehe..

see see see.. everyone is so happy.. =)

my dear grandparent.. =) still very strong n healthy.. =)

my twin cousins, tat i used to hang out with.. hehe.. love them so much.. =)

tagged by sharon

hey gal, i purposely dun wan to do the ques.. lalala.. =) =) wanna make u angry.. hehe..
wat to do.. who ask u wana be my good frien..
i used to bully my frien.. =) =)
and hor..
who is shorty again ha?? ha?? ha??
this is the consequences.. hehe..
ble ble ble..
still love u so much gal..
muackss.. =) =)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pause pls..

hope the clock stop ticking..
i want it to be stop at this moment..
i am afraid of the coming tomorrow..

tired shit..
my class will be end at 6 on this 2 days..
tat's mean i have no much time to prepare for my ielts d.. =(
stress man..
i dun wan start my busy life la..
i want to stick with my bed for all the time..
desperate to sleep.. =(

Monday, March 2, 2009


feel so disappointed today.. aizs..
i did my class test for foundation chemistry..
know wat.. when i read through my exam paper, i didnt know how to do for the 1st two question.. omg.. i never expect the ques will be so specific.. =.= i was like stunted there..
well, back to the topic..
our uni's system its like after we done our test,
there would be a discussion class.. which means that i can roughly know my marks for the test..
lecturer gone through the question one by one.. makes me feel like so nervous.. =.=
guess wat..
i get 8 wrong out of 16.. i was like bloody hell.. i got study weiiii.. how come i still did so many mistake.. =.= stupid test paper.. stupid stupid stupid... angry la.. tis is my favourite sub wei..
aizs.. complain so much oso no use la rite.. its over..
i will do better in the next n all the following paper... i promise i promise.. i cant bear with the disappointment again.. i dun wan be the failure..
oh ya.. really thanks for those ppl who wish me good luck.. =) =) although it is just a class test.. i really feel very happy.. and appreciate it.. but.. luck doesn't works on me.. =.= anyway, thanks my dear frien.. i noe u guys will always support me.. haha.. =) =) i promise i will be more hardworking and put more effort on it.. =)