Sunday, September 28, 2008

Thailand.. i'm coming...

hey guys.. i would be missing 4 few days.. hehe.. i going 2 Thailand 2nite n will come back at thurs.. i promise i will enjoy my holidays.. i will be happy.. :) hope ppl around me will stay happy always oso..
Friends.. remember to smile k? everything will be alright soon.. a brand new day is waiting 4 us.. ok la... i gtg d.. take care ya.. miss u guys.. :)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

4 things tat u cannot recover..

The stone....
.... after the throw!!

The word....
.... after it's said!!

The occasion....
.... after the loss!!

The time....
.... after it's gone!!

Yea.. i had finished my trial!!!

Yes.. i finished my trial d.. hehe.. finally.. but duno y.. not really so so so happy.. maybe i didn't did well in trial ba.. i scare of exam time d.. cant sleep well.. cant eat well.. everyday wake up have 2 face the books.. omg.. i'm so afraid 2 think of it.. exam really makes me crazy..
Well, dun 1 recall d.. i should be happy now.. hehe.. feel so released now.. but den my room n living room is so messy.. full of my books.. my mum still asked me how come i can take all the book out.. hehe.. dun care d.. wait i free d onli clean up.. :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Its tiring..

Omg.. feel like didn't sleep for very long time d.. every time sleep 2 hours den must force myself 2 wake up n study.. I'm so regret tat i didn't start it earlier.. I'm a last minutes fella.. hehe.. anyway i will do my best!!!

ok la.. sry guys, i have no time 2 blogging d.. i will update after my trial.. wait 4 me ya.. :) take care..

Sunday, September 14, 2008


haiz.. i argue wit my cousin jux cos of a DOG... yest, wen i open the gate, my cousin's dog run out.. (my house is join with their house) den my sis went out 2 find the dog.. so late d.. she go n find alone.. but she cant found it den called my youngest sis 2 told cousin them tat the dog went out d.. den everyone is busy finding the dog in the night.. guess wat.. my cousin scold my sis.. he blame her y din immediately told them when the dog went out.. excuse me.. v did k? y he can simply scold ppl? i damn angry wen my sis told me.. den i go 2 their house n trying 2 explain to his wife.. i say tat v r not purposely 2 let the dog out.. it went out itself.. n cant found the dog my sis immediately let them noe d.. noe wat she replied? NEVERMIND.. means she still blaming us? she said tat the dog follow her many years d not blaming us.. after hear she say so i go off.. after a while my cousin came 2 find me.. guess wat.. he scold me 'no big no small' so n find her wife.. i din even scold her.. i jux trying 2 explain 2 her u noe.. its ok.. den i say tat y u all blame us.. v immediately told u all d.. he has nothing 2 say.. den he say v r SELFISH!!! selfish? if v r selfish v won told them the dog went out.. if v r selfish, every time v won stop the dog from going out.. hello.. they have 4 dogs k? v have 2 care their dog? v busy wit their dog can d la? the dog so noisy u noe.. disturb me study n sometimes cant even sleep.. but v never complain bout their dog.. Now he say v r selfish? come on.. be rational k? damn over la.. at last u noe wat he said? he say now call ur dad come back la.. wat 4? v never scare at him k? v din do anything wrong k? he jux wan jaga his face onli.. he has no point 2 say d.. watever.. at least i saw the real image of them.. i hate them.. Jux cos of their dog den can simply scold at ppl? ya.. i think in their mind i m worst than a DOG.. i cried 4 the whole night.. mayb is the 1st time i feel so angry n hurt.. my parents never like tis scold me oso.. but he dare 2 scold me.. if is my wrong den i can accept it.. n i will apologize.. but now not my wrong!! haiz.. did u experience the feeling of everyone blaming on u? is really really bad.. tat's y i will so angry.. they jux like living in their world onli.. nvm la... i never ever wan 2 interrupt their world.. disappointed + getting hurt + angry + sad.. haiz.. i cant sleep keep thinking bout tat moment he scolded me unreasonable.. luckily my friends be there 4 me wen i sad.. they company me n try 2 consoling me.. i reli feel better wit their company.. thanks ya all my best friends.. i love u all very much.. :)

2day.. they found their dog d.. yea.. i din owe them anything d.. n won feel guilty.. if they really so love their dog den dun let the dog run here n there la.. if not the ppl kena blame is us.. so unlucky got tis kind of cousin.. the worst is stay beside them.. haiz.. tat hurt will never disappear..

Saturday, September 13, 2008

m i looks like a play gal?

Y everyone think tat i'm a play gal? yes.. i like 2 play with everyone but izit tis means tat i'm a play gal? i really cant take it anymore.. everything i did is commented by ppl.. its ok ppl make comment bout me on other matter.. but den i hate ppl say tat i'm a play gal.. cos I'M NOT!!! haiz.. i really tired d.. so hope tat i can get out of tis.. :(

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Damn funny..

2day is a rainy day.. den i have 2 take taxi wit jocelyn n my cousin (eevon).. v saw a taxi pass by den jocelyn stop the taxi n ask 4 the price.. after tat joceln n my cousin get into the taxi d.. i 'm the last one get into the taxi.. dunno y.. i close the door so loud.. hehe.. mayb i m too energetic d o mayb i wanna fast fast get into the car.. hehe.. den i msg my frien who stand beside the car.. i ask him whether he heard i close the door.. noe wat he reply? he say everyone heard it.. the whole college.. really got so loud anot wor.. hehe.. n he was staring at me get into the car.. Omg.. really embarrassing.. hehe.. luckily i din look at them..

den after v reach station, i take out my touch n go.. v have 2 scan b4 go in.. den duno y my card cant function.. dun have tat "ti ti" sound.. i feel so weird den i put the card upside down.. but still the same.. after my cousin buy her ticket n she come across me.. i told her tat my card cant function.. guess wat? i took my student ID 4 scanning.. hehe.. sure la cannot.. me n cousin at there keeps laughing.. hehe.. i so blur la.. the funniest part is i put the card upside down without realising tat i take the wrong card.. hehe..