Friday, July 31, 2009

it seems to be good. =)

this is the 1st time that i hang out with a bunch of my sis's friends.. they all are pretty friendly.. and im the youngest between them.. harhar.. i am the only one who not yet reach 20 wei.. heheheh.. *a bit bit happy* =)

frankly speaking, they are definitely not with their age.. the way they talk, the way they action.. wat i can say is just childish.. haha.. yet they are childish in a good way.. =) they make a lot of fun.. although sometimes their jokes are really lame, but they have their way to be lame.. haha.. as long as u get used to it, u will found the happiness within it.. =) oh ya.. one more thing.. they can crazy over a topic and start debating like nobody business.. haha..

well, basically wat we do is just eat eat eat and play play play.. =)
all the way they come here are just taste delicious food.. =)
they can be counted as die-hard-good-food-lovers who dun mind to travelling long distance just to sample great food.. =) harhar.. how awesome it would be for joining them..
and now, who care about the tummy? =p (actually i really mind it.. =()
thanks for the wonderful day.. =)
and i appreciate this relationship.. it just like a big family that never be silent.. haha..

we are having lut lut for our dinner.. =)

right after dinner,we went fun fair to have a good digest walk.. haha..

photo will be uploaded soon after i get it from them.. =)

stay tuned ya~~ =)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happiness belongs to the self-sufficient.. =)
Perhaps lower ur expectation a bit bit
u will be more cheerful.. =)
happy or not to be happy? u decide it..
Have a nice day, ppl.. =)
Happy Birthday, Kok Weng!!
im sorry for the late wishes..
all the best to you ya.. =)

Monday, July 27, 2009

stupid subject

well, fyi, BM is a compulsory subject for me..
i swear that i hate BM.. wat a stupid subject..
attend for BM class is just a waste of time..
okay.. wat we do is just sit there and listen to the lecturer crapping.. =.=
i think that no one is paying attention during BM class..
i ad stop using BM words for 2 years..
and now, BM is just doesnt come into my mind..
the worst is i need to do BM assignment and BM presentation!! wth!!

guess wat.. BM newspaper is a must for us to attend BM class..
really wasting my money!! who will rAlign Centeread BM newspaper a?!!
im serious okay.. haha.. (serious in day dream)

she dint really do her work.. but texting.. haha..
and another gal is too free to take photo.. haha..
can see how SERIOUS are we during BM class rite..
once again.. I HATE BM..

Friday, July 24, 2009

just judge it.. =)

look.. find out the similarities between these two gals.. haha..

found it?? haha.. the shirt, the long pant, and the two gals freaking forget to take down their name tag.. haha.. she likes to follow me.. wat to do.. lalala~~ =p
actually, its purely coincidental that we both wearing almost similar outfit.. hehe..
well, since i m posting her photo up, let me introduce her to u guys..
she is the dear that i mention in the previous post.. and wat i used to complain over her is her body weight.. she is the super thin gal.. gosh, when u holding her hand, u will feel like holding a fragile stick.. =.= really pity her bf.. haha..
anyway, she is still my good frien forever.. we seems to be knew each other decades ago, yet v knowing each other for only 1.5 years.. =) we talk everything.. and fyi, crapping is our hobby.. haha..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

a very special cupcakess...

Currently, im addicted with cupcakes..
dear.. thanks for the cupcakes..
its not simply a cupcake, yet, it is specially made by her.. =) haha.. u noe who i mean rite.. thankss lot and love you.. =)
people around me are just jealous about the cupcakes that im holding on.. haha..
seriously, the cupcake taste good and look nice.. u will be loving it.. haha..

Saturday, July 11, 2009


sometimes, i rather be the miss duno.. not to think.. not to bother.. let it be.. may I?

Friday, July 10, 2009

the sun rises

wat a tiring day.. but i enjoyed it!! hahaha..
went for yoga class right after our class..
while waiting for the teacher to come, we spent plenty amount of time in gym room.. the gals are trying to burn their calories by trying out different exercises.. we all are just desperate to slim down.. haha..
well, i do alot of stretching during the yoga class.. and my legs were never stopped from shivering.. haha.. but i having fun there.. =) without second thought, i will definitely attend for the next class if i can sort out with the time.. hahaha..

people, trust me, im a good gal.. and im hardworking enough.. haha..
after came back from uni, i washed my lovely car..
i have no idea where comes the urge to do so..
anyway.. told u im hardworking wat.. proven rite.. =)

but.. seriously.. im exhausted.. haha..
2mr will be a painful day~~

Thursday, July 9, 2009

who can stop me from eating?!
im (trying to) on diet right now..
how come my weight will only goes up but never down har?
with current weight, i MUST restrain myself from reaching out for food.. pathetic.. =(
for me, eating can bring me happiness.. its true u noe..
whenever i had my favourite food in hand, i will be hyperactive.. haha..
now is not the right time for me to diet..
noe why? my sis just came back from holiday ( bandung) and bought lot of super-dicious cakes came back.. i just couldnt resist the temptation to have a piece of it..
this choc is specially order from jocin... hehe.. i miss Daim so much..

a box of cakes?

the banana cake.. it taste very good..

layer cake? it makes me to have another pieces..

duno wat cake is this.. but nice oso.. the two sides are filled with choc.. =)
so now, are u drooling?
its like once u bite it, u will only get the comsequences of non-stop eating..
i just hope that the cakes will disappear as soon as possible..
otherwise i will be watching my weight to increase again..

Friday, July 3, 2009

Anti H1N1

hey guys.. fyi, h1n1 is becoming more and more serious nowadays..
i believe that most of us are gripped with a sense of fear with its world wide transmission..
hence, we should do our part to avoid from getting H1N1..

basically, wat we can do is just keep our hand clean for all the time.. try not to rub ur eye with dirty hand.. and dun just rinse ur hand with water but wash with hand shampoo!!! or else try to get a small bottle of Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer with u.. which is look like the photo below.. fyi, it kills 99.99% of germ.. seriously, i found that this product is quite useful.. =)

other than that, we should avoid crowded places.. i noe its difficult to avoid crowded places since human are everywhere.. even i cant do it.. no one can stop me from outing.. haha.. perhaps just be careful? =p

Take Care ya, Friendss.. =)