Friday, July 31, 2009

it seems to be good. =)

this is the 1st time that i hang out with a bunch of my sis's friends.. they all are pretty friendly.. and im the youngest between them.. harhar.. i am the only one who not yet reach 20 wei.. heheheh.. *a bit bit happy* =)

frankly speaking, they are definitely not with their age.. the way they talk, the way they action.. wat i can say is just childish.. haha.. yet they are childish in a good way.. =) they make a lot of fun.. although sometimes their jokes are really lame, but they have their way to be lame.. haha.. as long as u get used to it, u will found the happiness within it.. =) oh ya.. one more thing.. they can crazy over a topic and start debating like nobody business.. haha..

well, basically wat we do is just eat eat eat and play play play.. =)
all the way they come here are just taste delicious food.. =)
they can be counted as die-hard-good-food-lovers who dun mind to travelling long distance just to sample great food.. =) harhar.. how awesome it would be for joining them..
and now, who care about the tummy? =p (actually i really mind it.. =()
thanks for the wonderful day.. =)
and i appreciate this relationship.. it just like a big family that never be silent.. haha..

we are having lut lut for our dinner.. =)

right after dinner,we went fun fair to have a good digest walk.. haha..

photo will be uploaded soon after i get it from them.. =)

stay tuned ya~~ =)

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