Thursday, July 9, 2009

who can stop me from eating?!
im (trying to) on diet right now..
how come my weight will only goes up but never down har?
with current weight, i MUST restrain myself from reaching out for food.. pathetic.. =(
for me, eating can bring me happiness.. its true u noe..
whenever i had my favourite food in hand, i will be hyperactive.. haha..
now is not the right time for me to diet..
noe why? my sis just came back from holiday ( bandung) and bought lot of super-dicious cakes came back.. i just couldnt resist the temptation to have a piece of it..
this choc is specially order from jocin... hehe.. i miss Daim so much..

a box of cakes?

the banana cake.. it taste very good..

layer cake? it makes me to have another pieces..

duno wat cake is this.. but nice oso.. the two sides are filled with choc.. =)
so now, are u drooling?
its like once u bite it, u will only get the comsequences of non-stop eating..
i just hope that the cakes will disappear as soon as possible..
otherwise i will be watching my weight to increase again..

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