Sunday, June 28, 2009

The new stranger

out of a sudden i am afraid of this world.. it makes me feel insecure.. its likes u never know wat happen to the next.. even for the next second.. everything is soo unexpected and unpredictable..

recently, i keep on receiving the bad news.. although its not happened to me.. yet, they are ppl who had been play a role in my life, even just for a short while.. i just cant restrain myself from worry about them.. but, wat can i do? =( i cant make any changes but watching them sad.. =( pls.. i cant bear with the sadness.. i cant just watching them sad by doing nothing..
i dun wan to get bad news anymore.. i dun wan bad things happen to ppl around me.. i dun wan!!! i really cant take it!!!

pls.. the bad one, stay away from us..

** my friendss, really have to take good care of urself k? i hope i will only get good news from u guys.. and appreciate ur life.. enjoy ur life as u can and left no regret..

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A step closer to destiny

sow a though, reap an action;
sow an action, reap a habit;
sow a habit, reap a character;
sow a character, reap a destiny.. =)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Get rescued =)

wait !! not the emo post this time.. haha..
guess wat.. i have a freaking long break time yest and v spent it pretty well.. haha..

well, after the two hours class, v headed sunway pyramid for our lunch.. Let see how we spent it.. =)

the gals' hobby.. =)

okay, as qian suggest, we decided to dine in ccozi & friends, which is a korean restaurant..

here is my lunch box.. =) cute rite.. haha..

yea.. its our group photo.. =) the boss was requesting a group photo from us since this is the 1st time he get such a huge group of customer.. haha.. he should thanks for qian.. and seriously the boss is very friendly.. =) he is a korean guy..

u can found me somewhere in the pic.. haha..

thanks for a sweet day.. =) u guys had changed my life in imu..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Is this my life?

i cant found myself in any corner of imu..
no smiling.. no laughing.. no entertainment..
just like there is nothing tat will make me cheer.. other that the crappy bestie..
am i still live in my dream? am i awake? i wonder..
right now, attend for classes is no longer my favourite hobby..

i had been hate imu so much..
so sorry imu, you r not attractive enough.. i mean every part of it..

Monday, June 15, 2009

My holiday trip

i went genting on 9/6/09 with my dear frien.. its actually a 3days 2night trip..
well, since genting have nothing special to talk about..
so let the photo do the talking ya.. =)

wooow.. damn classic rite.. wonder which rich guy drove this car..
i wan to have one can a?

haha.. this 2 gals are desperate to own the car..

okay.. i must introduce these 2 guys.. they are khai wee's bro..

they are so adorable rite? haha..

genting theme park.. large compound? not really..

who dare to play spaceshoot ha? scary man..

wat made me fall in love with genting is the cold-windy-weather.. =)
and i really enjoy the trip.. thanks gals..

Sunday, June 14, 2009

specially dedicate for you =)

yea.. its her birthday!!
im sorry that i find no way to wish you.. so specially dedicate this post for you.. haha.. should be proud rite? and the 2 gals will be so jealous.. hehe..

Here goes ur birthday song..

Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to eva,
happy birthday to you.. =)

touching le.. but, dun cry k? haha..
okay.. lot of lot of wishing words are going to you..

wish to see the prettiest smile from you everyday.. =)
wish you good luck and all the best for ur test.. =)
wish you to stay healthy always.. take good care of urself ya.. =)
wish you tat all ur dreams come true.. =)
and an endless wishes.. =)
~~ sincerely wish by jocin =)
hey ppl.. must must must wish her k? Let her shuang/perasan for a day la.. haha..
** sorry dudes, i will try to spend more time on blogging.. =)
there are quite a number of events that should be posted up..
by the way.. i am going to start my sem 2 tomorrow.. duno should i be happy or sad.. yet, my deep inside feel not that happy actually.. reluctant to let go my joyful holiday.. =(

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A special day

yea.. its an awesome and wonderful day.. wonder how special is it?

well, firstly, this is the day tat i get released from working in pharmacy shop.. surely i did the best performance for the last day.. i guess they will be missing me very much since im a good helper.. haha.. but too bad.. the maid, who always chatting wit me, was not there.. =( its pretty sad actually.. anyway, i will be back.. only if i got into trouble in my studies? haha..

okay.. move on.. secondly, kenny came up wit the plan of kite-flying in butterfly park.. yea.. its KITE.. hehe.. dun think that we are childish k? its awesome to watch the kite flying uphigh.. the feeling is so shock.. =) okay.. i admit that this is the first time i really experienced how fun actually is to play wit the kite.. imagine that the kite that you are holding on is flying uphigh and high.. Aha.. felt so happy.. =) all sadness are just gone without conscious.. thanks to it.. =)

did u saw the black snake? i wan my kite flies as high as it!!
wei.. i warn u dun be action ha.. i noe ur kite is much more expensive.. =p
my kite will reach tat high oso although i get the cheapest kite.. hehe..

yea.. this is our colourful kite.. =)

me and dear khai wee

i was actually concentrating on my dear kite.. haha..

Thirdly, after the kite flying session, we headed for our dinner in Island Red Cafe.. well, the food and service is not as good as i expected.. can i use "shit" to describe it?
btw, the environment is pretty good..

Fourthly, in order to celebrate khai wee and see bee belated birthday, we headed to biz cafe and meet see bee up.. okay.. it takes me forever to talk about these two gals.. they are very very very important for me.. my so called close frien.. we having each other all the way we grew up.. love u gals.. =) friendship forever.. =)

birthday gal- khai wee (she is shy.. hehe..)

the another birthday gal- see bee
end of the day? not yet.. after birthday clebration, i went to mcd to meet up my sis and cousin.. they went there to study.. haha.. anyhow i really pity them.. =) god bless u my dear.. all the best for u guys.. =)
Aha.. izit a special day? =) im satisfy wit my day as long as ppl around me are happy.. =)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Are you?

i wish that we r just FRIEND..
please dun cross over the border..
or else dun blame me to being cruel..

advise u that neither to be a coward nor a gentleman..
u r a guy.. must learn to be independent..

the relationship between us is just frien..
NO more than that..
i must emphasize that couple and frien act differently..
dun mix up pls..

from my view, u r just desperate for love..
there isnt LOYALTY in ur dictionary..
perhaps u should take some times to think wisely..
put ur time on a person that deserved it..

im sorry to say that somehow u are annoying..
i hate ppl who r annoying.. i think not only me but all gals do..

** as tis is the way that u behave, u should noe who m i refer to..
anyway.. no hard feeling in this post..

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Frankly speaking, i knew tat my blog had heen out of date.. hehe.. sorry ha my dear friends.. but i am here to give explanation.. hehe.. =)
reason is.. everytime when i wanna post something, but its ad quite late.. seriously i have no idea how i spend my time.. everyday its like lack of time.. i need more and more time la.. can donate a? o make the day longer? shit.. day dream again.. =.=

anyway.. actually currently im learning + working in a pharmacy shop.. ( tis was really a outdate news from me.. haha.. cos i ad work there for 3 weeks =p ) well.. basically, i went there just to learn something and spending my time.. at least i dint wasted my holiday rite since our plan to penang ad cancelled.. oh ya.. one more thing that u guys are concerning.. its about the salary.. FYI, i have no any income.. so pathetic rite.. =( its actually my uncle's frien shop.. i cant deny that the boss did a lot of teaching on me and seldom ordered me to help up.. so mayb its fair oso.. haha.. but since im so hardworking, surely i will help up when necessary.. =)
the only thing that i m nt satisfy wit is the not-so-generous boss (cant say he is selfish since he had taught me a lot) . know wat.. he went to pulau langkawi but never let me noe.. i get to know from the maid.. its fine actually.. wat drive me angry is that he bought chocolate for the maid and the worker but not me.. wth.. i really felt like screw him off la.. its not the matter of money la k? although im nt the worker there but im nt invisible oso k? =(
on the other hand.. im actually struggling with the hunger for chocolate.. as u guys noe, im a chocolate lover.. I WANT CHOCOLATE LAAAA!!!!! =(

end here? to be continue........ =)