Sunday, June 7, 2009

A special day

yea.. its an awesome and wonderful day.. wonder how special is it?

well, firstly, this is the day tat i get released from working in pharmacy shop.. surely i did the best performance for the last day.. i guess they will be missing me very much since im a good helper.. haha.. but too bad.. the maid, who always chatting wit me, was not there.. =( its pretty sad actually.. anyway, i will be back.. only if i got into trouble in my studies? haha..

okay.. move on.. secondly, kenny came up wit the plan of kite-flying in butterfly park.. yea.. its KITE.. hehe.. dun think that we are childish k? its awesome to watch the kite flying uphigh.. the feeling is so shock.. =) okay.. i admit that this is the first time i really experienced how fun actually is to play wit the kite.. imagine that the kite that you are holding on is flying uphigh and high.. Aha.. felt so happy.. =) all sadness are just gone without conscious.. thanks to it.. =)

did u saw the black snake? i wan my kite flies as high as it!!
wei.. i warn u dun be action ha.. i noe ur kite is much more expensive.. =p
my kite will reach tat high oso although i get the cheapest kite.. hehe..

yea.. this is our colourful kite.. =)

me and dear khai wee

i was actually concentrating on my dear kite.. haha..

Thirdly, after the kite flying session, we headed for our dinner in Island Red Cafe.. well, the food and service is not as good as i expected.. can i use "shit" to describe it?
btw, the environment is pretty good..

Fourthly, in order to celebrate khai wee and see bee belated birthday, we headed to biz cafe and meet see bee up.. okay.. it takes me forever to talk about these two gals.. they are very very very important for me.. my so called close frien.. we having each other all the way we grew up.. love u gals.. =) friendship forever.. =)

birthday gal- khai wee (she is shy.. hehe..)

the another birthday gal- see bee
end of the day? not yet.. after birthday clebration, i went to mcd to meet up my sis and cousin.. they went there to study.. haha.. anyhow i really pity them.. =) god bless u my dear.. all the best for u guys.. =)
Aha.. izit a special day? =) im satisfy wit my day as long as ppl around me are happy.. =)

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