Monday, June 15, 2009

My holiday trip

i went genting on 9/6/09 with my dear frien.. its actually a 3days 2night trip..
well, since genting have nothing special to talk about..
so let the photo do the talking ya.. =)

wooow.. damn classic rite.. wonder which rich guy drove this car..
i wan to have one can a?

haha.. this 2 gals are desperate to own the car..

okay.. i must introduce these 2 guys.. they are khai wee's bro..

they are so adorable rite? haha..

genting theme park.. large compound? not really..

who dare to play spaceshoot ha? scary man..

wat made me fall in love with genting is the cold-windy-weather.. =)
and i really enjoy the trip.. thanks gals..

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