Monday, March 2, 2009


feel so disappointed today.. aizs..
i did my class test for foundation chemistry..
know wat.. when i read through my exam paper, i didnt know how to do for the 1st two question.. omg.. i never expect the ques will be so specific.. =.= i was like stunted there..
well, back to the topic..
our uni's system its like after we done our test,
there would be a discussion class.. which means that i can roughly know my marks for the test..
lecturer gone through the question one by one.. makes me feel like so nervous.. =.=
guess wat..
i get 8 wrong out of 16.. i was like bloody hell.. i got study weiiii.. how come i still did so many mistake.. =.= stupid test paper.. stupid stupid stupid... angry la.. tis is my favourite sub wei..
aizs.. complain so much oso no use la rite.. its over..
i will do better in the next n all the following paper... i promise i promise.. i cant bear with the disappointment again.. i dun wan be the failure..
oh ya.. really thanks for those ppl who wish me good luck.. =) =) although it is just a class test.. i really feel very happy.. and appreciate it.. but.. luck doesn't works on me.. =.= anyway, thanks my dear frien.. i noe u guys will always support me.. haha.. =) =) i promise i will be more hardworking and put more effort on it.. =)

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JoCeLyN said...

hey~cheer up jocin!!
it the 1st time wat..u might still cant get use 2 imu style~that's ok~then next time u will know how the things work right~
so dun giv up!!!