Monday, January 5, 2009

Emo shit.

But the more u fell,
The wound seemed to heal faster,
The pain seemed to be calmer,
And u seem to know better,

The more u fall,
u seem to get tougher,
u seem to grow stronger,
And u seem to evade the pain faster,

And finally u will realized,
That success doesn’t come easy,
That pain is your best friend,
And the route to your success is preplanned.
~~ CC
~~ victor
studies agian.. make me think out of my mind.. aizs.. =( emo shit..
by the way.. thanks 2 all my frien who trying to console me.. concern bout me.. even trying to make me happy.. thanks.. reall thanks.. i love u guys.. i will be alrite soon.. dun worry ya..

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