Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wishes for my dear frien..

For all my dearest frien~~

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Must must must enjoy ur cny ya.. cos its just once a year.. after that u have 2 wait 365 days again.. so long rite.. hehe.. so, appreciate it.. =) =)

okay.. there are many many many wishes for you guys.. in a new year may all the dreams come true ya..

祝你们身体健康,心想事成,万事如意,学业猛进 and blablabla......... ( you guys noe la hor ) o ya.. still got a very important wishes.. for those who are single, wish u all will get a boyfriend/girlfriend soon.. =) for those who are in a relationship, wish u guys 甜甜蜜蜜直到永远.... =)

okay.. tat's all.. i wanna oi oi already.. wanna get angpao 2mr.. haha.. tata guys.. take care n stay happy ya.. =)

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