Thursday, January 29, 2009

Here Here Here.. my cny..

Yea yea.. i having fun during chinese new year.. =)
Hope the time can be stopped at this moment.. my cny, dun leave me dun leave me.. pls pls pls.. i dun wan go back tat lousy uni.. =(
Anyway.. i enjoying my cny now..
N de ha.. Tat wat wat wat report i dun care d.. forget about it.. hehe.. (dun worry.. i still got my dear benny n qian to help me.. haha..)
the moment tat i captured during chinese new year.. =) =)

chu yi.. th very first day.. =)

my dear sis. me. won

chu er....

me. joey. ying

me n the sis

mei n me

chu san.....

sorry guys.. i lazy to upload so many photo.. so view from my friendster ya.. i will upload my photo there.. =)

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