Monday, November 24, 2008


holiday very boring a.. duno wat 2 do..
watching tv 4 whole the day? i not really like 2 face on tv 4 whole the day..
go out wit cousin? duno where 2 go.. =.=
go shopping? dun have sale.. =(
sleep? eat? cant keeps eat n sleep.. later become pig.. hehe.. i dun 1 be fatty..
exercise? lazy jogging.. i want 2 go swimming o gym...... but cant.. =(
dating? dun have bf..
should i find a part time work? i dun think ppl will hire me.. hehe..
haiyoyo.. wat else i can do laa... i want 2 go genting.. i want 2 go beach.. there r many places i want 2 go.. but no one can bring me there.. =.= really duno wat can i do..
o ya.. i noe wat i did everyday.. chatting wit my sis n cousin.. n v talk bullshit.. hehe.. v jux like dreaming everyday.. but our dream will never come true.. haha.. TAKE ACTION gals...

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