Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Merdeka!!! =)

Yeah.. i finished my exam!!..... happy? not really.. unhappy? not really.. =.= .. duno wat's my feeling now.. whatever la.. suppose 2 be happy.. hehe.. =)
well.. guys do u noe wat time now? its 4.20a.m. .. =.= .. i cant sleep aaaa.. die die die..
2day i having dinner with my dear (lesbian partner).. she is the one who make me cant fall asleep (blaming her).. hehe.. act not la.. v went 4 dinner in aeon (kim gary).. i purposely went there just 2 company her le.. c.. how good m i.. hehe.. v talk a lots.. v can talk anything n crazy all over the time.. of course v noe each oth well.. =) back 2 the topic.. i had ordered 'yin yong HK style' which make me hyperactive.. my dear company me til 12smtg n my sis company me til 1smtg.. i hardly fall asleep..
but guess wat.. someone miss call me at 3smtg make me awake.. =( wei a.. i hardly fall asleep u stil wake me up!.. =( =( its okay la.. act i dun feel like sleeping oso.. having nightmare tis few day.. maybe too stress d.. n seriously.. my body become weaker from days to days.. easily fall sick.. haiz.. it is true 2 say tat SAM can kill ppl.. haha..
Someone pls make me sleep... i just want a good rest.. =(

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