Tuesday, August 5, 2008

HOT pink or Purple?

2day, due to the preparation 4 charity carnival, jocelyn n me went to a bakery shop to buy some ingredient.. v decided 2 buy some coloring to make our drinks more attractive (commented by zi qian). i have a different opinion with jocelyn.. she said that HOT pink is nicer.. but i prefer purple.. den v argue inside the shop 4 quite a long times.. hehe.. Hot Pink? wat color is tat? jx like red color.. hehe.. purple is nicer rite? more special wat.. Den v decided 2 call Qian and ask 4 her opinion.. hehe.. guess who wil win? At last, v brought purple and blue.. hehe.. sry o jocelyn.. Din buy ur Hot pink.. u sure very angry rite? hehe.. dun la angry.. purple is nicer.. trust me.. hehe.. so guys.. do u think purple o hot pink nicer?


mysterious*won said...

i tought purple just look like ribena?
n hot pink like f&n strawberry juice..><
i think blue will be the most special one^^

JoCeLyN said...

pink is better lar!!
pink + blue = purple!!!
like tat can make 2 colours leh!!