Thursday, August 14, 2008

Blur Blur gang..

jocelyn, r u ok?
u ha.. so blur la.. keeps collides with things.. hehe.. ur leg got many "black green" d la.. leg swollen d still dun 1 massage it.. really cant tahan u.. let it be black black very nice a? dun la so scare pain.. nvm.. i wil help u massage 1.. hehe.. wanna c u scream.. next time pls concentrate when walking.. c.. leg so long 4 wat? so easy kena things.. hehe..
2day v realise tat our gang is so blur except sharon.. i think i not like them so blur.. hehe.. they (Qian and Jocelyn) always have many prb.. i.e. fall down, things drop n many many.. hehe..

stupid "A"..
i'm not a doll k? wen u angry den scold me.. after few min apologize 2 me.. wat tis all means? i ad say very clear d.. y cant u accept it? i'm sry.. i jux delete all ur msg.. sometimes dun even read it.. haiz.. i'm sry.. cos after reading ur msg i will get angry n hurt.. i ad told u dun msg me d.. i ad make everything clear d.. but den y u still cant understand? i even do stuff tat hurt u but u still act like nothing happen.. haiz.. i really duno wat 2 do d.. avoid ur cal, ur msg n u are stuff tat i do it everyday.. sometimes really fed up of it u noe.. i didnt stop u from loving me.. i jux hope u can keep distance with me.. dun send those geli msg 4 me.. its disgusting k? pls stop it!!!!


JoCeLyN said...

haha! really blur blur gang lor~~
u oso a~~so blur 1~~

i already try 2 b careful ad but being affected by ur blur blur virus~~haha

he juz dowan 2 face the truth lah...dowan wat is he thinking...forcing other 2 accept somethings that she this really wat he wants?

Eva said...

A is a psycho!!! why he treated you like you owe him something or what.. his family background okay one a??