Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Stupid haunted house....

First of all. i would like 2 apologize to my dearest sharon.. hehe.. really sry sharon.. u sure very regret for bringing me 2 haunted house rite? hehe.. sry.. i really very scare of those stupid ghost.. when i recall the scene in the haunted house, i keeps laughing at myself.. really very funny la.. sharon, u r really brave enough 2 bring 2 gals.. n ur action really makes me laugh.. u told the ghost tat u noe who are them? n say tat if u near 2 me i Will kick u? hehe.. u so cute la.. wat i noe is jx hold ur hand tight tight.. hehe.. i damn scare la.. sum more tat stupid ghost touch my leg.. make me cant even stand properly.. inside the haunted house i really did many xia sui stuff.. hehe.. i not dare 2 face them d.. n i'm not crying la.. jx too scare d.. keeps sweating.. hehe.. Omg.. really very xia sui la.. hehe.. by the way, tis incident makes me keeps laughing.. n i really feel very happy although got a bit xia sui.. hehe.. sry a sharon.. wasted ur rm6..

Jocelyn.. sry ya.. u are my best friend la.. really sry 4 not accompany u.. but sometimes there are some condition tat makes me duno wat 2 do.. hope u wil understand my condition.. mayb i m jux duno how 2 refuse ppl.. Im sry.. i really love u guys.. dun angry ya.. love u.. :D Oh ya.. i really appreciate our conversation 2day.. let me have a chance 2 explain my condition 2 u all.. hehe.. Thanks god.. FRIENDSHIP FOREVER..

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mysterious*won said...

'thanks god.. friends forever'~~
y copy my word??