Thursday, August 7, 2008

A raining day..

yea.. feel so nice 2day.. the weather is so good.. hehe.. but cos of raining i have to waste rm2.50.. tat stupid taxi driver so bad la.. charge us rm5.. haiz..

2day inside the train i saw a special frien (a guy who wanted 2 noe jocelyn).. hehe.. i trying 2 make them talking n communicate wit each other but end up i talking with him.. swt la.. i really duno how 2 find topic 4 u both la.. i m sry lo.. haiz.. miss a chance d lo.. nvm.. next time i wil try again.. hehe.. hope the chance will coming soon..


mysterious*won said...

the weather is good..
but the haze.. omg!~~
the haze index at petaling is 5.5
but at port klang is 9.3!!
it's so serious!!

JoCeLyN said...

no need lar~~
u bz wit ur things 1st lar~

Anonymous said...

i hope i'm not the guy =.='''