Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy birthday to u..

Happy birthday 2 u (Jin Wei) ya.. hope all ur dreams come true and all the best.. hehe.. u remind me tat v r 18 d.. jux like unbelieveable.. hehe.. time pass damn fast la.. erm.. 2day u should be happy n enjoy 1.. but too bad.. u have 2 do ur homework.. u look so busy.. hehe.. pity u.. anyway.. hope v can bring happiness 4 u.. n hope u wil remember ur 18 birthday is celebrate with us lo.. hehe.. happy birthdya ya.. 20082008 :D

wanna c the pic v had taken? here you go..

yea.. this is Jin Wei's birthday cake.. how it looks like? tis cake is made by eva.. hehe.. erm.. the taste.. NOT BAD ba.. hehe..

well, tis is the pic v took 2gether.. From left, eva, me, jin wei, hui shien, khai wee..

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