Wednesday, August 13, 2008

oh oh.. malaysian studies..

Act i plan 2 study malaysian studies 1.. but my frien gave me tips 4 malaysian studies.. Due to my tiredness, i jux study the tips.. i dun even think of whether the tips is reliable..i jux pray hard hope tat the tips is correct.. but guess wat? i m so unlucky.. non of the ques come out from the tips.. haiz.. i damn scare la.. jux simply tembak.. i really scare tat i wil fail it.. i dun wan.. i dun wan re-take malaysian studies.. pls.. pls.. hope teacher wil give me pass.. but since my teacher so bad, i think i dun hv tis chance d.. haiz.. sad.. :( Anyway, i wanted 2 thanks the person who gave me tips.. thanks.. n really sry 2 those ppl who read my tips lo.. i'm sry..

1 comment:

JoCeLyN said...

aiyo~~nobody blame you oso~
we will pass 2gether 1!!