Sunday, August 3, 2008

Amway? Killing ppl..

Omg.. my parent kena tipu again.. stupid amway.. guess wat? a water filter cost 3thousand smtg.. damn expensive la.. haiz.. jx bcos is cousin's gf.. bcos of pai se.. bcos of stop them fan-ing us.. my dad hv 2 buy it.. haiz.. v ad hv other brand of water filter la.. amway so wat? the water is more special izit? really really vy angry.. n hate amway.. pls la... dun find us d.. v ad buy many stuff from amway d.. pls dun come again.. scary man.. haiz..

haiz.. i really tired of everything la.. no1 wil und my feeling.. wt they do is correct n wat i do is wrong.. haiz.. well.. i jx accept it cos i dun 1 a small things make everyone argue.. n i m tired of explaining.. no point i explain to the person who cant und me rite? i rather he blame all the fault on me n hate me.. haiz.. jx let me go on wit my mew life can a? ha? pls.. y he 1 2 control my life? its my life k? i hv my right 2 do wat i 1.. pls pls pls.. let me choose the next step of my life on my own k? haiz.. nvm la.. i think he won und.. in their heart i m those stupid gal o mayb a cheap gal.. its really hurt wen they say tat bt i jx hv 2 accept it.. cos i really hope everything wil stop there.. its ok they say how bad am i.. bt the onli things i 1 is jx let me go.. i dun care how ppl say.. how ppl think of me.. i noe wat m i doing.. n i noe my frien wil always be there support me.. i really appreciate it.. they willing 2 hear my complaining n even help me a lots.. really feel sry 2 them.. cos of my prb make them vy fan.. im sry.. n thanks ya my best friends.. i really love u all vy much.. n oso the most important ppl who always by my side.. my dearest sis..


mysterious*won said...

yea.. i agree!!
he changed become so bhb.~~
he always shy to talk v others last time.
but now?? my god!!@@
they totally consider to money face couple $.$
his gf really affected him so much.
sometimes feel so desappointed with his action..
feel so sorry to u n ur parents..
actually is his gf keep call he promote this to u all.
he 'beh tahan' his gf everyday 'zap' him so ask ur dad to buy it.
they also keep promote to our neighbour.
our neighbour tell ahma they so paiseh coz din buy from them n call them dun promote anymore coz they already hav the item.
ahma advice them but they stil continue to do tat.
make ahma so paiseh when face our neighbour..haiz...
dunnoe wat to do now...

JoCeLyN said...
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JoCeLyN said...

actually i oso hate those kind of sales 1...they r not promoting but forcing others 2 buy thier things lor...bcoz they got commision 1 mar...and they hav 2 reach quota around them very pity lor~

haih~pity gal...
really cant und wat they think...he seems like protecting you but actually he juz wan 2 control u only...even u wan 2 meet new fren oso 2 other guys oso cannot...damn him lar...haih...