Monday, August 4, 2008

i'm a strong gal..

hey friends.. See.. i can go back alone and safety reach station weih.. hehe.. i big d ya.. dun worry bout me d k? i wil protect myself from bad ppl.. hehe.. so a.. dun treat me as a little gal d la.. i nearly 18 d.. hehe.. especially tat sharon a.. dun feel sry k? i must thanks 4 u n ur mum cos always fetch me 2 station.. hehe..

Actually 2day i did a vy xia sui thing.. 2day a guy follow me from station 2 college.. v took bus mini which cost 80sen per person (with air-con).. when i took my wallet out i realise tat i dun hv shillings.. i jx have rm50.. Omg.. i so scare la.. cant 1 me 2 borrow money from tat guy rite? i duno wat 2 do.. jx take all the shillings out (60sen).. n hope tat bus uncle will accept it.. but.. guess wat? i no need 2 pay 4 the uncle.. u noe y? cos tat guy pay 4 me d.. hehe.. luckily.. if not i sure vy vy vy xia sui.. hehe.. thanks ya..

1 comment:

mysterious*won said...

big girl?? see ur size also know u are still a small kid!~~
u will protect urself??how u protect?
bad guy 1 hand also can carry u up.~~

ergh... really xia sui lo..><
by the way, that guy is so gentle!!
better than kw 100times!!haha!!