Saturday, August 23, 2008

how 2 talk???

izit the way i talking will easily hurt ppl? if so den really sry 4 those ppl i had hurted them.. my parent said tat i m too straight forward.. so sometimes will say smtg tat hurt ppl without realising.. izit? i talk without thinking? i duno la.. i never mean 2 hurt anyone.. mayb some ppl who r too sensitive will take it serious.. i jux like 2 joke wit frien.. have fun with them.. and i can talk everything with them.. when i m crazy (keep launghing) , i will talk rubbish and i enjoy tat moment.. hehe..
but.. i dun mean 2 hurt ppl.. :( really sry if i hurt anyone.. hope u all dun mind.. i really not purposely 2 do so.. haiz.. its really hard 2 be a good person.. everything should be perfect..


Eva said...

if you talk very straight, then what am i??? super straight!!!! hahaha... chill la...

Liying said...

straight forward better mah..
i like it coz i oso very straight sumtimes... juz be urself..
dun worry!!! u r the best lah..