Friday, August 15, 2008

blur blur..

2day jocelyn was late 2 telok gadong station.. den i called her but tat time train ad reach.. i very blur duno wanna go into train anot.. at last i choose 2 wait jocelyn..
Jocin: i think i wait 4 jocelyn..
sis: hey.. u taking my phone la! come in 1st la..
i standing outside the train 4 few min.. hehe.. guess wat.. everyone is get into the train.. but i still standing outside the train.. everyone in train were waiting 4 me 2 get in.. hehe.. so pai se.. den i faster get into the train.. sry a jocelyn.. cos din wait 4 u..
After half an hour.. i taking bus 2 my college.. i m not afraid of alone but wat i worry is how 2 cross the road.. i'm thinking " oh shit, so many car.. wen onli can cross?" luckily tat time got office gal wanna cross the road oso so i follow her.. hehe..
Den wen i reach college.. the guard wanna check my student ID.. wen i take out my wallet.. all my shilings falls.. omg.. damn xia sui.. summore beside the staircase is garden.. how can i found back my shilings? i think everyone was looked at me.. luckily tat time my frien called me.. den i ans the phone act like nothing happen.. hehe.. but.. my shilings.. after finish talk on phone i go near the garden there n saw my 20sen shilings.. den i jux take it n went 2 my class.. i not dare 2 find others shilings.. hehe.. so paise la..

yea.. 2day mayb is the last day i can enjoy myself.. cos after tis i have 2 concentrate study d.. jocelyn, sharon n me went 2 redbox n singing.. hehe.. unbelievable jocelyn will follow us go.. sharon is so so so happy.. 2day v really sing many songs n really enjoy it.. hehe.. but i dun like there de service.. i HATE those worker!! they r so action.. like v din pay 4 them.. shit u la.. "redbox sucks" (Jocelyn 2008) .. hehe.. but i saw smtg funny from them.. 1 of the action worker nearly fell down.. hehe.. cos he watlk at wet wet de place.. den nearly fell down in front of me n jocelyn.. hehe.. i jux cant tahan n laugh at him.. the best part is after he fell down he act like nothing happen.. hehe.. still wanna act cool? Anyway.. i really enjoy myself 2day.. hehe.. after singing i make a decision d.. but it is a secret.. hehe.. thanks sharon thanks jocelyn.. love ya..

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