Saturday, August 9, 2008


hey.. "A".. can u stop it? y cant u accept the truth? its impossible k? haiz.. i really fed up d.. how many times i have 2 explain 2 u? n y cant u understand? not i jx remember those bad memories.. its jux won love u anymore.. love is no forcing.. hope u can understand tat.. over is over d.. no matter u put how many effort on it, u won found back those memories d.. pls la.. dun lie urself d.. u can find so many reasons 4 urself.. u noe it is impossible d den y cant u jux give up? if v can be frien i feel very happy d.. nowadays, i cant even communicate with u.. i had tried.. but end up i get angry.. haiz.. i'm sorry.. i really feel so irritating with those sweet words.. cant u talk with me jux like normal frien? here got some advice 4 u.. perhaps be friend is a better way 4 both of us.. jux like me n kw.. our relationship getting better d.. cos he knew tat v r impossibe 2 be couple.. he start on with his new life and treat me as his best frien.. so good rite? n i can feel tat he is really happy with his new life.. he found back himself d.. i'm so proud of him.. hope u too..

haiz.. i'm sry.. i think i m not be able 2 forgive u.. u really really very annoying.. u destroy my mood.. i HATE u.. hey guys.. u noe wat ppl called me? a bitch, a hooker.. should i be happy wit tat? its hurt.. i should stay strong n not 2 tel my frien.. tis is wat u told me.. wat the hell u 1? fine.. perhaps i should say thanks 2 u.. cos u telling me all tis.. u PROTECT me.. ok.. i saw it.. the way u PROTECT me.. i really appreciate it.. so wat do u need now? ha? can i say i jux 1 2 break our relationship? i never wanted 2 have any relation wit u.. jux like i never meet u.. never noe u.. may i? i doubt so.. n i really fed up of ppl commenting on me.. i hate it k? does it relate wit u all? y so gossip? did u feel the pain which is the same as me? did u experience my condition? haiz.. how can u all jux simply say? its fine.. i hope i can ignore wat ppl say.. cos i noe wat am i doing now.. i din did anything wrong.. my frien trusted me.. haiz.. i jux hope everything can be stopped.. i really sad.. mayb no one can understand my feeling.. cos u all din experience my condition.. the way they treat me.. haiz.. i jux dun 1 2 voice out.. but i din voice out doesnt mean tat i dun care k? haiz.. how do u feel if ppl cal u a bitch o hooker? n guess wat.. ppl say my wearing got prb? haiz.. i din show any part of my body k? can u let me wear wat i 1? haiz.. its really very hating u noe.. wat i wear ppl oso wanted 2 say.. jocelyn, sharon, n all my dearest frien who saw wat i wear everyday.. did u feel my wearing got prb? jux tel the truth.. i never wear tube never wear spaghetti 2 college.. normally i wear shirt wit skirt o short.. izit got prb? haiz.. pls pls pls.. i beg u all.. let all tis stuff over k? jux stop here k? really enough d.. N pls la.. my frien din influence me.. they didnt.. they treat me very good.. if not them, i wil become crazy cos of u d.. haiz.. not their prb!!! dun say them!!! pls.. is u make me so suffer.. i jx 1 2 get out of ur world.. let me quit..


mysterious*won said...

dont care bout what he do and say to u , dont think so much bout him, just be yourself k? dont make yourself so worry on him.
who said ur wearing got problem call them come to find me!
let me cut out their tongue!

Anonymous said...

Although I don't know about the real story, but I can see that you have already decided for yourself. So now keep it up and have a good life! Don't care how they look on you, you are yourself! And all will be getting over soon, be tough! Take care:)