Wednesday, October 22, 2008

stay away from me pls..

argh.. i meet some stupid guys.. i HATE them.. yest i went 2 a new shop 4 my lunch (take a break).. so unlucky i meet 2 friends who spoil my mood so much.. as usual i will say hi 2 my friends (cos i m a polite person, =.=).. 1 of the guy is li bin n another is duno who la (same size n thin thin 1 from kwang hua 1).. i dun even know his name.. v jux like never talk b4.. n jux say hi n bye frien.. ok let's start the story.. after having lunch, me n my frien went 2 the counter 2 pay for the food.. den the li bin come across me n said 'come here 4 a while'.. i really dun feel like going.. act wanna drag my frien go wit me but she was talking wit her frien.. =( ok fine.. i jux walk in with him (if i didn't go, sure will let ppl think tat im action rite?).. n guess wat.. he said tat another guy find me.. i was like.... if he wanna find me den come across me la.. y should i go there? stupid.. nvm.. guess wat he asking.. 'how r u recently?' sure a stupid question.. n wen he is talking wit me his eye is not looking at me.. shit u.. tot who r u.. they r act playing the card.. den he said.. 'come n help me open my card c whether u r lucky anot'.. n all his frien are laughing at me.. i damn angry tat time.. stupid idiot.. wat the point u call me there? wanna show tat u have frien? .. damn it.. fine.. i jux walked off.. next time better dun let me 2 c u again.. i will kill u!!!!! i will make u embarrass in front of public!!! stupid idiot.. stupid cheap guy.. i very very hate u k.. 

2day, he called me.. i duno is him.. den i jux pick up the phone.. n guess wat he said.. ' i'm li bin frien.. r u free now? can v have a lunch?' wth.. lunch? c u i will feel like vomiting d k? omg.. still dare 2 ask me 4 lunch.. slowly wait la.. i will never eat wit u.. stupid stupid stupid!!!!!!! yiakss.. y i will meet tis kind of ppl 1.. degrade my image!!! 

Pls stay away from me!! otherwise i will kill u!!

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