Friday, October 24, 2008

The last day for G12..

Time pass so fast.. so fast i finish my SAM d.. 2day is the last day v go 4 class.. the last time 2 spend time with lecturers... the last time playing around wit all G12 friends.. i will miss u all very much.. seriously i will.. i will remember the time v spend 2gether.. well, i would like 2 say thanks n sry 2 all my lecturers..

thank you, Pn. Mahani..
teacher.. thanks 4 teaching me.. i do appreciate the way u teach.. i have learnt a lot from you.. serious.. n i won 4get wat u had told us.. i will study hard.. =) i love u teacher..

thank you, Ms Phua..
miss phua, i will be very very miss the time v sampat.. hehe.. although ur teaching skills not so good(i'm sry teacher) but i do appreciate the time v chatting and laughing.. =) seriously u treat me very good.. duno y.. i can be very close wit u.. hehe.. anyway.. love u, teacher.. =)

thank you, Dr. Santha..
Dr. Santha, i very afraid of u.. u r very fierce.. =( but i noe tat u r very good as well.. jux the ways u teaching us are different.. i know tat teacher r act very care 4 us.. hehe.. thank you teacher..

thank you, Miss Param..
Miss Param.. u r jux like our grandmother.. keep nagging.. hehe.. but ur nagging is 4 our good rite? u wanna bring us 2 the top students.. thanks a lot teacher.. who ever result not so good u will pay more attention on them (e.g Jocin).. u teach me how 2 score how 2 revise.. i will never forget.. hehe.. so.. not 2 make teacher disappointed i will try my best.. =)

thank you, David wang..
I'm sry, sir.. 4 not paying attention in ur class.. i'm really sry about tat.. =( u treat us very very good.. but v seems like v always bully teaher.. =( act no.. i noe tat u r a good teacher.. hehe.. i won 4get tat song u sang 2 us.. hehe..

thank you, Mrs Yeap..
although u jux teaching us for 6 months.. but v r always miss u.. v like the way u teach.. =) thank you teacher..

thousand n thousand n thousand of thank you i would like 2 say it 2 all my dear teacher..


Sharon -雪人 said...

i also damn sad wei
my blog also got write...huhu
oh ya...
my blog is
forgot to give u last time
good luck gal

mysterious*won said...

i also feel that sadness..
coz i goin to graduate soon..
it just on next friday!!sad.. T.T
well,good luck in ur final exam^^

FoReVeR SeCreT said...

sharon= can i link u? cos ha.. if didnt link u, i duno hw 2 drop comment la.. if cant, must tel me ya.. i wil delete.. =)
sharon..c ur comment.. everything inside.. =)

won= tat's life ba.. by coincidence, v meet each other.. but.. one day v will separate also.. rite? good luck gal..=)

JoCeLyN said...

ya~jocin~we must get through this exam 2gether!we can encourage each other...comfort each other...lets pass with flying colours!!! ya!muz muz muz keep in touch ya!