Wednesday, November 25, 2009

tadaaa.. here's my present.. =)

i get a necklace from tracy, pay ying and hui wen.. thanks gals.. =)

and my dear Qian hand baked cupcakes for me.. she baked it until the midnite (fyi, she was a busy gal.. haha..) really thanks dear.. i love u.. =)

then, randomly i got present from wun chit.. the easy going guy.. hehe.. he cheated me by telling me that he wanted to buy a present for a coursemate whose birthday is just few day later.. and noe wat.. tis is the present that i choose myself.. =.= i got surprised when he said its for me.. haha.. thanks ya.. =) its a special present that i get.. =)

i got the presents from my cousins, relative and parents as well.. will be updated in the next post.. =) sorry for the keep waiting.. bcos im not used to upload so many photo, it makes my blog unorganise..

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