Friday, May 15, 2009

The so-called-friend

i m grateful that my friends will approache me when they r in trouble.. tis shows tat how important m i for them.. yea... this is how good friends should be wat.. =) its my pleasure to lend a hand for u guys.. =) so.. my frien.. dun hestitate to find me when need my help k? anytime n anything.. =) as u guys noe.. im helpful enough.. hehe.. 

my dear frien,
i wish i could be ur good listener..
i wish i could cheer ur life..
i wish i could give u a rational advice..
i wish i could make u feel better and comfortable..
i wish i could bring away ur sadness..
i wish i could protect u.. 
i wish i could see ur smile once again.. =)

by the way, pls dun misunderstand ya.. im not kepo.. no forcing k.. find me only if u feel comfortable wit it.. and only if u trust me.. =) 
somehow i would like to emphasise that ' treat ur frien wit truly heart ' but not trying to take advantages from them.. tis is the principle to make frien.. 

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