Monday, March 29, 2010


hey guys.. im back.. hehe.. im sorry had been lost for few months..
to update u guys, i having my sem break now.. just waiting for the result release.. scary man~
God, i just wan a pass for all subjects plsss... pray hard for it.. sincerely.. hehe..

Before getting result, i should get myself enjoy first.. IN CASE i need to resit (touch wood)..
so well, i went singapore for 4days 3nights..
tis is my first time to step on singapore..
and we went by our own.. without any tour guide but just a map.. =)

on the first day, we went chinatown by MRT.. basically, we take MRT all the time.. its like so convenience k? not like malaysia ktm, mrt is 100 times much more better.. ishh.. when get to singapore really feel like malaysia somehow 'suck' .. sorry to say tat.. =.=

the chinatown... easily recognize it with tanglung all along the street.. hehe..

this is the night market in bugis street.. i just able to walk half of it.. =(

will update the journey of the following days soon.. =)


Anonymous said...

nice nice~ I also visited Singapore with my friend during my last sem break. Same wit you gurls travel with MRT.. Haha.. EnjoY ur HoLiDays!!! :)

FoReVeR SeCreT said...

hehe.. thanks thanks.. but i hate the weather there.. bloody hot.. and i walk until the leg damn pain la.. =.= hehe.. i think it should be a good place for shopping..