Monday, February 23, 2009

Busy busy busy..

hey guys,
i will be quite busy these days.. =(

the list of the upcoming events
1. class test
2. ielts test ( have to score band 7 at least.. =( hope i can get it )
3. study for biosc (a book with a thickness of 2.5cm.. but i had never open it.. =.= cos i dislike bio.. hehe..)
4. attend for grandma's bday
5. organise all the notes

sooo, im so sorry if i dint reply u guys msg.. (actually im lazy to text d.. i prefer call.. =) save time)
straight away call me if have any urgent or if u guys miss me.. =)

** Attention pls.. recently i becoming a good gal n hardworking gal.. (terpaksa wan) hehe.. so, dun try to spoil my study mood ya.. =)

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