Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Uni life..

uni life is not as nice as i tot/expected..
uni life sux!!
uni life is totally difference with the life in college and high school.. its so boring..
no much communicate wit each other..
seldom mix around..
dint play n crazy all the time which i used to be in college n high school.. they looks so serious..
the non-stop of laughing sound will never appear.. =(

i think this is the so called uni life.. since when i involve in uni life.. i wonder.. everyone living in their own life, their own world.. they have their direction to go.. their goal to achieve..
but, i would like to ask, did u enjoy the journey of achieving the goal?
yes.. i agree tat they are mature.. seems like I'm the childish one in uni.. =.= (hello.. i have my mature image oso le.. just dint show out only ma =p)

uni life is not a short term for me.. it takes me 4 years to complete.. how can i do within the 4 years?

I'm not emo.. i just realise that my life had changed.. the laughing sound become lesser d.. =( i miss the moment that i spend in college and high school.. miss it so so so much.. i will always remember the friends who gave me lot of memories.. =)

oh well.. anyway.. the memories had become the past..
wat i have to concern is my future rite? blablabla.. whatever la..
i know i will enjoy my uni life.. no worries my frien.. =) I'm optimistic.. hehe..

to my one of my uni frien who looks so down everyday, cheer gal!! things will getting better.. it takes time.. dun be so emo d ya.. since im there to cheer u up.. haha.. =) i understand ur feeling.. cos i had been gone through the moment.. (its like refuse to talk.. cant even smile.. have no mood at all) but what to do rite.. life still have to go on rite? =) be happy gal.. =)


JoCeLyN said...

hey gal~i believe u can get along with ur classmates 1~juz give some time~~
n u hav mok bsides u right?
enjoy ur life ther instead of dislike it~~coz u still hav 2 spend a lot of time with them~mayb they juz didnt shoe their crazy side~

FoReVeR SeCreT said...

okay lo.. tats the only way i can do wat.. =) im optimistic.. no worries gal.. but i really miss the moment v hang out n take train.. =(