Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Its too late to apologise.. (Benny 2009)

So so so sorry edwin.. i really really duno u r leaving.. =( and i really really dint received any of ur msg.. i think i m the last one who noe tat u currently in Sydney rite.. me damn bo xin hor.. sorry..
nvm la.. i m the special wan.. be the last one who knew it.. hehe..
but too bad.. its really too late.. unable to attend ur farewell party.. =(
have to wait until November only can meet u..
i will be missing u so much.. really must take care of yourself there ya..
all the best to you.. =)
no worries.. i won forget u.. =) and i will say hi edwin.. =)
o ya.. now i dun wan to be the last one who noe everything d ya.. i wan to be the updated wan.. hehe..

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