Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A change on me..

recently i really really very hardworking wei.. its true k.. =) i have no idea why..

since when i started to read..
started to concentrate in class.. (mayb after i knew tat a lecture class actually cost me rm100+.. expensive rite.. be a lecturer so untung la.. but definitely i will nt consider to be a lecturer.. hehe..)
started to love library..
started not to bother about my phone ring..
started not to watch tv..
and started to do wat i want.. =)

i dont know whether this changes is good for me anot.. but i m just not in the mood to wasting my time on not important stuff..

erm.. doesnt meant tat my life is just study study and study.. (tat is nerd's life k.. but im not a nerd.. =) dun misinterpret ya..) i manage my time well k.. =) i still can playing around, hanging around, crazy around, laughing around with my frien at the right time.. =) oh ya.. sharon, benny, phui yan wait for me k? v hang out after my test k? sorry ya.. dun miss me too much.. =)

' Do the right thing at the right time ' =)

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