Friday, April 10, 2009


i feel very scare right now.. i got into accident just now.. actually its just a small accident.. nobody injured.. its mainly due to my stupid-ness.. =( but i do feel so scare.. it might be threaten not only my life but oso others who sit my car.. if can, i hope i no need to drive anymore.. =( i m sorry, sis.. i know i m stupid enough.. aizs.. aizs.. aizs.. =( i frighten u guys.. im so sorry.. flash back the incident, tat scene, tat moment........ i really really very scare.. i cant even drive carefully.. =( luckily nobody get injured.. otherwise, i will not forgive myself.. aizs.. so sorry..

when i get into accident.. the 1st person tat i think of is u.. but i noe u r busy.. i think of my dear bestie.. they dint reply me oso.. =( i noe they r busy oso.. the feeling is so bad.. when u need someone.. but cant find them immediately.. im so scare.. but for sure, they r trying to be there for me.. rite? =) but they did reply me after a while.. =)
**they r concern about me.. i know they won dump me.. they will be there for me.. =) they trying to reduce my scare-ness.. trying to cheer me up.. willing to hear my complaint.. consoling me.. thanks lots my dudes.. i feel better d.. =) no worries..

people.. dun ever wait me to fetch u guys k? its so dangerous.. =( so if wanna date me, come n fetch me la.. =)

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